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blackcurrent, i love it

who is your favorite person?
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Either my mom or my boyfriend...or my best friend Lauren. I can't decide between them though.

Where were you when you had your first kiss?
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aaah i was at my school disco, how i remember that

do you work weekends
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Yes, unfortunately. Weekends are really like my weekdays.

WHat's your favorite thing about yourself?
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not being like anyone else in my family! (the only intelligent one)

do youhave kids??
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Nope, no kids.

How many kitties do you have?
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I have one kittie and one puppy.

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
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i brush mine twice, in the morning and before i go to bed

do you have long or short hair
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Originally Posted by cazx01
do you have long or short hair
It's long right now...I'm about to get a couple inches cut off for the summer, though!

QUESTION: If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be? Can be any sex, depending on what you're interested in
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oh that would have to be vin diesel

what is your favorite food?
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Do you have any birds?
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yea!! i have 2 lovebirds!!

do you like reptiles???
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Eww no!

Do you like amusement parks?
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oh my god i love them!!!!!!

do you like clothes shopping???
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Well Duh!

Have you ever been to Florida?
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no, but i would absolutely love to

Have you ever been to England?
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No, but I would love to.

Do you have a digital camera?
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oh yes, and it's in use everyday

What is your fav time of day????
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I love the night time.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?
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ummm absolutely loads , probably about 20

whats your life ambition?
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To love unconditionally

What brand of sneaker shoes do you wear?
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what color is your hair?
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What color is your living room?
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i dont really wear trainers, but if i do, i have a pair of Lacoste

Whats your favorite thing in life?
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what's your favorite type of music?
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What is your favourite television show?
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Right now I am addicted to American Idol!

What's your favorite flower?
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Pink Roses.

Favourite time of day?
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Do you like beer?
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I ask my question again - what is your favourite time of day?
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