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chocolate peanut butter

Whats your favorite time of the day?
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Right now...8pm...time to relax!

What did you wear today?
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Green shirt, black jeans, white socks.

What did/or will your day consist of?
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trying to stay cool!!!! I think I will put more of my pictures of Ireland into my scrapbook.

Do you have a vegetable garden?
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Do you like lemon pepper?
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I've had lemon pepper chicken and I like it

Do you sleep with a lot of blankets on your bed?
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No just my comforter and a sheet.

Is your air conditioning turned on now?
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No we don't have the A/C turned on right now, it has cooled down today.

When was the last time you went Camping?
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A couple years ago, when I finished high school.

If you could scrap your job for your dream career (and still get paid your current wage), what would you choose to do?
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Health & Saftey Officer

Do you smoke?
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Never in my life. Never have, never will.

What is your favorite band?
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I have lots of favourite bands! In my present mood, though, it's The Thrills!

Do you have a favourite song?
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I like alot of them. Anything Country.

Do you feel a person can have too many cats?
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I believe that a person has too many cats when they are unable to care for them to the best of their ability (if that makes sense?!)

Have you ever had cats, dogs, birds, rodents at the same time? (or any combination of more than two!)
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Yep right now I have 7cats,3dogs,1 water dragon and 5 turtles and one goldfish!

Do you do maintance to your own car?
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Yes, well BF does

Do you like to stay in your jammies on your day off or get dressed right away?
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jammies for a while, then finally get dressed!

Do you give your cat a lot of treats?
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I give Katie a bit of wet food in the morning.

How fast can you type?
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mid-40's i think....

When did you last change the batteries in your smoke detector?
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1st of June

Do you have dogs?
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Nope... I like them as puppys but not when they are grown... I am really a major cat person!

Do you write your passwords down or just remember them all in your head?
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Usually remember them!

Do you have photos of yourself displayed in your home?
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heck no... ewe

Do you like to doodle?
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I find I only do it when I'm on the phone.

Do you snore?
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When my allergies are bad...yup!

Do you feed the birds?
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yes, mainly because my cats will sing at the windows!

Do you have any fish?
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I have one betta fish

Do you like maple syrup?
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Yum, yes!

Do you read Harry Potter?
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Yes, but not the new one yet!

Do you like to go camping?
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What size is your bed?
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