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yup, one of the very few still open less than 15 min. away

When was the last time you flew a kite?
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oh gosh probably about ten years ago

what religion are you?
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Church of England/Anglican (but really, I have my own religion! )

When was the last time you fell over?
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Heheheh This morning actually! I fell over the cat when I got out of bed!

What would you do if someone waved at you, mistaking you for someone else? WOuld you wave back? Or would you look at them like they were mad
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I'd wave back, muttering under my breath...lol

Whats the most you've ever paid for a haircut?
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$70 (and it looked great)

Where are your ancestors from?
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Mainly the North West of England!

Have you ever fallen for someone you knew you shouldn't?
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Too many times.

Did you ever want to key your ex's car?
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yes very much and others ppl cars too...lol

what is the most funnies thing you ever done?
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I walked through my inlaws screen door. Never saw it, never stopped just walked right through.

What made you decide to join TCS?
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Cat is/was overweight.

What type of breakfast do you prefer?
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Eggs and sausages (don't eat it every morning but would love to)

Are you scared of heights?
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yes and no, a little

Do you like to sail?
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Not really, even though I live in a sailing town.

Do you like to horseride?
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love it, but not very experienced at it. We ride every year in Tennesse on trails through the Smokey Mountains. Its very funny to watch us ride. Let alone get on a horse.

Have you ever been to Tennesse?
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Only been to the US once, and that was Florida for the whole Disney thing! Would love to go back though, and places like Tennesse would be on the top of my list.

Ever been to the UK?
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Not yet, but planning to visit within next 2 years

When you travel, do you take your pets with you?
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No, I have a pet sitter and I board my pups.

Do you house sit for friends?
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Which country did you visit last?
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well that was back in 1980 when we came back from Italy.

Whats your hair color?
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Blonde (at the moment, I keep changing it! )

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
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I have 2 holes in each ear, my belly button pierced. 2 tattoos: one beautiful peacock on my back and a little butterfly on my right ankle.

How old are you?
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If you have tattoo's do you want more?
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No doubt, YES! I have my wrist tattoos planned, just have to get down to the tattoo parlour!

What would you change your name to if you could?
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it would be what I want to name my daughter: Lily Sarah

What would you do if you had a $1Million?
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That's a lovely name!

Probably buy a mint condition type one and type two VW Camper!

What would be your ideal gift for someone to give you?
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Thanks, my grandmother's name was Sarah and she and I loved(s) lillies!

The ultimate gift would be their love

What are you doing today?
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Working till 5:00pm and then spending time with hubby, and the babies (Kuzya and Nafanya)

Who is your role model?
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My mother

What is your favorite color?
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I'm such a girl has to be pink.

do you collect anything?
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