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STAR WARS !!!!!!!!! (no brainer)

What 3 things would you bring with you on a deserted island?
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my husband
toilet paper

What's your favorite book?
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Anything by Sidney Sheldon or Patricia Cornwell

Do you like to go grocery shopping?
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no hate it, I spend tooo much money.

Do your cats have access to every area of your home?
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He can't go in my house-mate's bedroom--it's dangerous.

Do you keep fresh flowers in your home?
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Only on special ocasions

Ever been rollerblading??
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Nah....rollerskating, (yeah, it was the 80's)

What was your first concert?
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Never been to one.

If you could read someones thoughts who would it be?
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Anthony my Fiancé

Would you ever go Sky diving?
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When would you let your teenage daughter go away with her friends?
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Depends on where they are going?

When is your birthday?
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May 3rd.

How many flights of steps can you climb before you are out of breath?
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Not many - I'm struggling with a knee injury, so it's a LOT of effort!

Are you good at long distance running?
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I wish!

Are you a good swimmer?
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Pretty strong, yes - even with my weedy leg!

Do you have any awards for sporting achievments?
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Yep, for volleyball.

Are you a part of sports team?
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ha ha I wish, No

What your favorite sport?
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to watch? Probably football or Hockey

strangest thing you have ever had to eat?
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Bull's you know what. (I didn't know what it was until I ate it, and it was delicious)

Where in the world would you move to?
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Either Cornwall/Devon or Australia!

If you could learn to do something (anything) in one week, what would you like it to be?
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I would like to learn all the diffrent Languages.

Who is your favorite movie star?
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Male: Brad Pitt, Female: Sandra Bullock

Have you ever had your heart broken?
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yes I did twice...

have you ever went to 6 flags?
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Yes, Georgia and Texas

Have you ever been to Disney World?
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Yes, I love DisneyWorld.

Have you ever had Wheatgrass to drink?
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Nope, I'm poor...

Ever been to Canada's Wonderland??
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Originally Posted by SerenasMommy
Nope, I'm poor...

Ever been to Canada's Wonderland??

Poor, wheatgrass? I don't see how those two relate? Is that expensive over there?

Nope, I haven't

Do you like to read?
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Yes I've been to Canada Wonderland many, many times!

Do you like roller costers?
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do you like to read?
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Love to, but rarely get the time these days.

How often do you wash your car?
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