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Do you get a lot of spam?
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no, thank goodness.

What is your favorite restaurant?
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Mr Chow's in Parkgate!

What weather is your favourite?
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Sunny and in the 70's.....

What is your favorite breakfast?
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Full English with a Continental to start!

What is your favourite meal to cook?
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What is your favourite dessert to eat?
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Tiramisu! (sp?)

What is your favourite fruit?
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tough decision! I'll go with pineapple

what is your favorite vegetable?
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Potatos or Beans

What is your favourite fruit?
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Asparagus with lemon butter

What is your favourite movie of all time?
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you're too late!

I Am Sam

what is your favourite fruit?
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haha. saw that!!


What is your favourite outfit to wear to a party?
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probably black pants and a nice shirt.... depends on the type of party though!

favorite day of the week?
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Saterday. There is no better day for me.

If the computer didn't work for a day, what would you do in spare time?
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play with the animals more

fave cd?
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Now 18

favorite place to be?
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At home with my wife and kid.

Have you ever been in a car accident?
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Never. Its a big fear. However, I don't drive

What is your favourite book?
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Umm Molly Moons

What is your favourite hot drink?
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Hot Coco

What did you do yesterday?
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tried not to scratch my poison ivy!! Let's see - cleaned a little around the house, did some laundry, started to pack some clothes for my husband, did a little gardening, had a few friends over. I think that's about it!

Favorite restaurant?
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whats your favorite flavor of tea?
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Vanilla or orange

What type of car do you have (if you don't own one, what type does the person closest to you have) ?
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Piece of Crap-mobile OK, Chevy Baretta

Have you ever tried to learn a second language?
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Just in HS--spanish--but I didn't really "try" very hard.

What's your favorite bottled water?
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Whatever type is on sale!

What is your fav type of store bought spaghetti sauce??
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I like some of the Paul Newman sauces

Favorite type of Pasta?
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alfredo pasta

Whats your favorite movie of all time?
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The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek, or neither?
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