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broccoli, garlic, spinach and either ham or sausage.

What's your favorite breakfast?
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You should be asking "When do you ever eat breakfast?" because my answer for that would be never hehe!

How long have you had your cats?
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my whole life

do you ski and/or snowboard?
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Do you skateboard or inline skate?
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As a kid I used to skateboard.

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?
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i wish!

Are you afraid of heights?
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Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!

Do you own a motorcycle?
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Have you ever ridden a unicycle?
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do you own a dove?
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No, but four (or so) reside in my parents' garden!

Have you ever played an harmonica?
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Yes. Badly.

Have you ever stopped a miserable looking stranger in the street to give them a compliment... just to make them feel better and smile?
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Yes, I do it quite a lot! Or I just chat to them for a while!

Have you ever complained about something and received something good for your trouble?
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i complained about the checkout girl giving me the wrong price for a carton of orange juice and got it for free

do you like to stay up and watch late night movies?
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We don't really have much in the way of late night movies, but I like to watch a couple of DVDs late - as long as I'm not too busy the next day!

Do you like to do crafty things?
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i love crafty things, painting, scrapbooking, embroidery, sewing

do you like to bake cakes etc?
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Yes! It is so much fun!

Do you like Monster/Bigfoot Trucks?
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i love monster trucks! have been to see them a few times, that's what happens when your married to a car man

do you like live bands?
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ooo hyeah! But Last time I went it was Wet Wet Wet... not exactly a fave, but I was dragged!

You like kareoke?
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I don't mind if i'm pretty drunk! I quite like watching people do it though, always a good laugh!

Can you Twist and Jive?
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Yes... but only when I'm drunk. I love to dance....

Can you remember whatyour favourite sweet was as a kid?
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Astro Bands! I used to be able to still get them from a shop nearby and I used to eat them on my way to uni!

Did/do you own any Care Bears?
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No, I never had any

Do you like pop-tarts?
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Yes, but I haven't had any in YEARS!!

What was your first computer?
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A Tandy.. it ran off floppy disks!!

Oh and.. uhm.. When you were little were you fond of Vegetables? If so, what was your favorite?
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Do you get manicures and pedicures at a spa?
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Do you like Gardening?
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Yes, I'm not really good at it sometimes but my Hibiscus grows very well!

Do you like to go to yard sales or garage sales?
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Not really...

Do you like country music?
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Have you every been to China?
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Have you ever made your only homemade candles?
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