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man i'm always off...my fav color is green
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Yes, I have... on a dare in college.

Have you ever put a pet to "sleep"?
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Yes very hard choice.... I had to make a choice on whether her
quality of life was good for her or was I just keeping her around for
me. It was for me... So my son and I took her to the vet together.
She was Fiv positive and no longer would eat or drink and she was
getting smaller and smaller.

What kind of job do you have?
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I am a receptionist full-time at a Coldwell Banker in Houston and I am also a full-time Senior at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Where are you going for your next vacation?
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i havent decided yet, but i fancy mexico

when was your last holiday?
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ummm I suppose going to Australia last September

your favourite milk product?
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I love cheese!!!!!

What is your favorite type of cake?
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What is your favorite dessert?
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Ice cream..... yummmy

Do you smoke?
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No way!

Do you have a two story house?
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What colour is the exterior of your house?
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Light blue

Have you ever met a movie star?
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I've seen a few minor celebs, but no stars!

What's your favourite tipple?
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Originally Posted by Purity
What's your favourite tipple?
I think that means drink - if that's the case, a margarita!

What's your favorite breakfast food?
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Can you keep a secret?
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Do you live in the US?
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What is your dream vacation?
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A all-expense-paid-trip to Costa Rica, by cruise.

What is something you're afraid of?
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what's your fav time of day?
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I like the afternoon actually........

What is your favorite television show?
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CSI: Las Vegas

Who was your first love?
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How many days a week do you work?
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Usually 5, but sometimes 6.

Have you ever gone sailing?
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No, not that I can remember.

Have you ever been up in a hot air balloon?
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No, but i'd like to!

Have you ever been in a helicopter?
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Noooo..I afraid of heights!!!

Do you volunteer anywhere?
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Yes at Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Do you dance around when there's no one around and a good song comes on the radio?
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Of course!

Have you ever had a one night stand?
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Who's your favorite singer?

*Cough cough*
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I like Sting

What is your favorite type of food?
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