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Yes, it saves a lot of time! (plus they're free on my contract! )

Do you have a contract or pre pay mobile phone?
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contract phone

coffee or tea?
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coffee - black, no sugar

favorite dish?
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spaghetti and meatballs!

Have you ever ordered anything from Avon?
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Have you ever gone on vacation for more then a week?
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Yes, I usually take all or a good portion of my vacation at Christmas time. It usually gives me 10-14 days off!

What's the longest road trip you've ever taken...where did you go to and from where?
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One time, I drove from NJ to CA. I had a good time. Saw the whole country.

What kind of car would you never buy or drive?
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A kia

What kind of computer do you have?
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HP or something

What was the last song that you listened to?
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Scooter - Suavemente

What is your favorite Holiday?
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None really more than another... you have to have good family to enjoy holidays!!! LOL my family puts the "fun" back in disfunctional

Have you ever purchased anything on Ebay?
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Do u have DVR?
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My god whats a DVR? I fell so old. The answer is NO

Do you knwo how to use all you TV remote functions?
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A DVR is a digital video recorder , such as Tivo or Replay TV.

I don't but my BF does and has to show me regulary. I can do almost all of it though.

Did you replace the batteries in your smoke detector recently?
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Have you even gotten drunk?
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Yes I have and promised myself never again.

What beverage do you drink the morning?
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water or diet coke mostly

What's your favorite breakfast food?
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I love bagels!

What is your favorite color?
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you need to ask a question now...
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What is your favorite Tree?
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weeping cherry
what's your phobia?
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What is your favorite place to go?
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Prince Edward Island

Do you like sea food?
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Would you ever eat snails?
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no way

is your hair dyed or natural
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natural to lazy to dye it.

Do you like hot or cold drinks?
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Cold drinks

Do you own a digital camera?
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whats your fav colour
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have you ever shaved your head?
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