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What do you feed kittens?

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I've heard you should give cats a variety of foods, so they don't have health problems. How do you know what variety to give?
I will have kittens, so does that change what I should feed them?
What age can I give kitty treats at? Catnip?
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I am still not convinced that you should give them a large variety of food as far as brand is concerned. The wet food, you can give them different flavors. The dry food, if you switch brands quite a bit, it can cause an upset stomach.
Kittens should just get some kind of kitten food until they are a year old. After that, you would switch them to adult.
Cats can get treats and catnip at any age. They tend to be around 6 months to a year before they really enjoy catnip.
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Mostly wet, or mostly dry food? And how much? And how often? And do they each need their own dish??
I am adrift in a sea of confusion! :laughing:
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Its really prefrence. I only give kittens wet food until they are about 6 months old. It helps to rott thier teeth and it makes thier poop stink. If you have 2 cats, you can let them share a can of wet kitten food once a day. Dry food you can leave out for them to nibble throuout the day. One bowl for food and one for water is plenty for 2 cats.
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Personnaly I feed mostly dry. I free feed
24/7 that means I have dry available to my boy at any time in case he is hungry. Don't worry about them stuffing their faces. Cats are grassers by nature and tend not to over eat. I use wet food as a treat. One or two dishes that is up to you. They will let you know - trust me. You can start with one and see how it works, if it dosen't add another.

The kind of food, please try to stick with premium quality kitten foods such as Royal Canine, Wellness, etc. They contain human quality ingredients, hardly any if no fillers and are easier on their little systems. Also the higher the quality of food they more the body actually uses (as kitten they can use all the good nutrition they can get for growth)and the less waste (poop).... Kitten food should be fed until at least 12 months of age and then you can gradually switch them to adult.

I am soooo exited for you - good luck!

Hope this helps.
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