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I'm one of those children who was raised by one parent who WANTED me (my mother) and one parent who NEVER wanted any more children (my father, from whom I am now estranged). While I am so thankful to be my mother's daughter, it is VERY difficult growing up knowing one of your parents never wanted you.
Having said that, I applaud your decision not to have children if you do not wish to. Like everyone has already said, it is definitely best not to have children simply because it may be expected that that's what we're here for. You are a person who knows what they do and do not want and that is more than I could say for most of us Stay strong!
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HaHaHA! I jumped straight from this thread to the question post linked above. Enough said about kits as kids! Wenzee, keep enjoying your kids!
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My honest opinion is this: do what feels right for you. If that's no kids, great. Just don't let someone else try to make the decision for you, and don't let people make you feel guilty about your choice.
Personally, I'm with you...the only kids I need/want are my kitties. I'm going on 27 and I have no desire for kids.

Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
On top of that, it really bugs me when someone talks down about people who have chosen not to have children. That's like expecting everyone on earth to have the exact same job description. Impossible!
Or worse, they try to convince you that you'll change your mind one day, and want a whole litter of 'em....

Originally Posted by vespacat
That's too funny! I did pretty much the same thing as a kid, and actually managed to obtain that life. I never played with dolls, but seeing most of the other girls obsessing over their barbies, I thought there was something wrong with me. Guess I was just into cats and books, and still am.
The only Barbies I had were given to me by my grandmothers, who thought I should be a proper little girl. The Barbies ended up as caretakers to my toy horses, or toys for my kitties, or covered in dirt....
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I have people that just can't believe my husband and I aren't having kids (yet). For me it's like...excuse me but I'm only 22! No one can tell us when or if to have children. I personally know that I will want them someday. When it's time, I'll know. The plan for now is 2010. I don't think there is anything wrong with not having children. Someday you could change your mind or find someone who needs adopting or you could stay content this way. Either way I don't see a problem!
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Nothing wrong with that at all. My husband and I can't have kids so we have four furbabies instead, make that five with the rabbit.
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