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Kitten weights

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I weighed Angel's kittens today and wanted to see if their weights sound okay.

Kitten 1 (male) is 14.8 ounces
Kitten 2 (female) is 14.7 ounces
Kitten 3 (male) is 14.2 ounces

This was the first chance I had to weigh them because I didn't have a scale to weigh them on until today. They will be 19 days old tomorrow. Do their weights sound okay?
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Well, I was comparing weights with another person here, and at 2 weeks her kittens were:
#1 13.25 oz
#2 9
#3 12.5
#4 13.5

Now, at 22 days, my kittens weighed between 5.0 and 8.9 ounces. HOWEVER, my cat had a litter of 8, and I think that's why they are so light.

Your kittens sound PERFECT! Are they on-track developmentally?
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Are they on-track developmentally?
Very much so. Their eyes opened at 6 days old, their ears at 10 days. They are all responding to sounds and if I wiggle my fingers in front of their faces they will pounce. They are all walking now (still a little shaky, but they are doing VERY well). I have been laying a blanket out on the floor for them to walk around on but they never stay on it, they like to walk around the room and explore. If I sit on the floor when they are out they will walk over to me and snuggle up so that I will pet them.
I just can't believe that they will be 3 weeks old on Thursday.....it seems like they were just born!
Here are a couple of pictures of them. They were born very light orange (mom is a Dilute Tortie, she was a stray that came to me pregnant so I have no idea what dad was but I'm guessing he was orange!), but they seem to be darkening and developing tabby markings, although it's difficult to see in the pics.

This is Taz, the first born male. I love all of the kittens, but this guy is my favorite. I lost my orange tabby, Woody, to urinary disease back in March and this kitten reminds me so much of Woody already.

This is Ginger, the only female in the litter.

And Cuddles, who already has an excellent home lined up when he's old enough to leave!
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Oh, they are very sweet. They look like little peaches!
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I wish I knew the genetics better, but I've noticed that tortie cats seem very prone to throwing red tabby (the cat registries call 'em red, don't ask me why, 'cause they sure look orange to me!)

The only reason I'm wondering about this is that my sister's-in-law tortie had a litter of six with five red tabbies and one blue. This reminded me of a litter by a stray tortoiseshell we had when I was a teenager which also had a litter of six---4 red tabbies, one blue, and one gray mackeral tabby. It just seems kind of odd that out of 3 (counting yours) litters from torties there are so many red tabbies, and 2 of the 3 had blue kittens also.
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So cute!
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