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Kenz and the Seahorse

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Here's McKenzie doing her best seahorse imitation

(one of her fave toys)

Only I can hold the seahorse!!!

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Too cute!!!
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Cute pictures of Kenzie!
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Awww Kenzie, what a cutie you are! Don't worry sweetie, no one is going to take your seahorse from you!
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I just love these pictures Chris - they sure do make me smile and I am so pleased Kenzie loves her seahorse
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Aww that's cute!
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Chris, she's soooo cute playing with her little seahorse toy. It just makes me all warm and fuzzy to see cute kitties playing with cute toys!!!! Sui has a little pink "baby mouse" and I love seeing her wrestle with it!! Great pics of your girl!!
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aaaaawwwwwww lovely!!!
Oh my! Chris Kenzy has a eyes like this!!! in the firts photo!!!:shoker: sometimes Milky put me the same face!!!
But i know that they are playing!!! ..
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Awwwwwwwwwww Rosie and Sophie have the same seahorse from Danielle! i guess thats who sent yours Chris?!
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She's a cutie!
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Yes - Dan sent it to us!!
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Ahhhh She loves her seahorse. What a cutie pie. Purrrr & Head Butts
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Aww Kenzie - you're such a sweetie
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McKenzie is so cute!!!
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Very cute
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Awww, McKenzie is soooo cute holding her seahorse! Adorable!
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Aww Kenzie, you are so pretty, I love the pics.
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I really love looking through all the photo's of ALL the kitties in all the posts.. very cute in this thread too!!!!
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Oh Kenzie, I almost missed this thread HOney............your such a little sweetie, as are all your brothers and sisters. We hope you like your new toy as much as you love your sea horsey!!
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We like to think of it as a new sister, Auntie Susie! Here I am posing with her. I think she looks like me.
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Just love that pic!
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that's so cute...the first pic made me adorable!
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Just love those pix!!!!
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Aw she's cute!
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kenz holding and cuddling witht he seahorse is such a cute thing,.
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Kenzie is such a love with her little seahorsie!!
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