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Opinions please....

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I'm typing up my little "hand-outs" that I give to people who are interested in family portraits and was wondering if I'm too cheap.

Please tell me what you think......

$65.00 (plus tax)

15-36 proofs will be taken - you may choose 6 to keep & 1 - 8x10

Build your own package:

12 wallets $10
4x6 $2
5x7 $10 or 2 for $18
8x10 $14
11x14 $30
Sundays and Holidays additional $25.00

My name, phone #

Ask about family reunions, sports,
aniversary parties, weddings
& other special occasion photography

I also have hand outs for the other occasion photography but this is the one I need right now.

Please tell me if you think it's too cheap, too expensive, if it's not clear or too hard to understand.

Thank you!!!!!!!!
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Do you photograph kitties? Your wording is very clear, Catherine, and your prices average, although you could get away with charging far more, especially for weekends and holidays. I was thinking, instead of "ask about family reunions..." how about "we specialize in" or even personalizing it with the little change of "ask us about capturing the memories of your special family reunion"...just a thought.
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That is really cheap for around here. I like dawnofseirra's idea of making it more personal. Also people around here charge extra for pets to be included (it was an extra 20 for each of ours!) I think they took a bunch of pics of me, me mom and dad, and me mom dad and the cat, and mom and dad. i am wanting to say that our sitting fee was close to $200. Our pictures were also very expensive, I think total it was $500 with taxes, but ours was in a professional studio, so I dont know how fancy you are wanting to go. Also what about senior pics for graduation? might want to put together a package for that as well. good luck!
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Brings to mind the comment of a truck driver where I worked who was somewhat less than adequate in diplomacy, generally saying whatever came first to his feeble mind.

In the coffee shop, A group of ladies were discussing portrait painting, and one of them, well beyond Reubenesque, said, "Oh, I would LOVE to have my portrait painted", and the crude driver commented, "Hell, they'd have to use a roller !"

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I think your prices are very reasonanble. I also like the idea of the family reunion pics. I think that would go over well, especially this time of year in the South.
My daughter ordered very poor quality photos of her newborn daughter at a much higher price. Check out the prices at growingfamily.com, they are way out of line for what you get.
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Thanks for your opinions everyone! I've been doing this for years and was wondering if I was in line with what other people have paid.

I used to do studio portraits but to tell you the truth, I'd rather cut my right arm off with a dull spoon! People wouldn't show up, didn't like the background, fussed at the kids and made them cry...etc. Now I just do on location and have had no problems. I also like the scenery and various backgrounds that can be chosen from nature or someones nice fireplace. I guess I just think outdoor portraits are more personal and much nicer than the average "gray or blue backdrop".

Oh, and I only charge $65 to go out b/c I used to charge much more and had pre-set packages and everyone always wanted to change the packge to fit their needs. This way, they can build their own.

Again, thanks for all of your ideas, and I do like the idea of making it more personal. I'll be changing that!

BTW - I do photograph pets and have done so mostly with dogs. I do not charge any more or less for pets. I've photographed 2 kitties before with the families.....kitties sure are sutborn about their portraits!!! Snap shot are always easy but they seem to know when you want a professional photograph!!!
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yeah everytime we tried to get our kitty tiggy to look good for his picture he would stick up his hind legs and start licking himself. figures huh?
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