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can i please get any suggestions for this problem?

i recently (about 2 months ago) had to change their diets due to illness.

emily gets a special urinary dry diet (royal canin s/o) which she loves; i think if i hung a feed bag around her neck she'd eat it all day.

ashley seems to think dry food is not really food. emily does not really care for canned food.

i have been feeding them a 3 oz can of purina pro-plan (the only "healthy" food either will touch) to split in the a.m. & the same in the p.m.; they have been getting about 3/4 cup of dry over the course of 24 hours.

ashley screams at me for food all the time. she is not thin at all; but is petite and apparently has a fast metabolism.

emily has gained 2 pounds since being on the s/o (which, as i'm sure everyone is aware, is quite a lot for a cat). she does not beg for food like ashley does, however.

the vet said to play it by ear and cut back on the s/o since emily is eating so much of it and getting fat (i mean visibly fat; so she cannot roll over properly-she is a large cat but now weighs 13.5 pounds).

i was thinking of increasing the canned to placate ashley (i've already cut back on the dry); but i'm not sure if she is actually hungry, or just wants to eat. however, i'm not home in the day to feed them, so they'd either be getting a large breakfast or a large dinner.

does anyone have any suggestions? ashley will not eat without emily at her side. i have tried to separate them and ashley will meow at the top of her lungs if left alone for even a few minutes by herself.