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I think my 10 week old kitten is sick...HELP!!

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Hi I am new to the forum and really need some help. My 10 week old kitten, Rick, has stopped eating and is not active like he was up until 2 days ago. He threw up some spit also today. He was always a good eater and very active with my other 3 cats (they are older). He has also NOT been urinating in the litter box, only on other things. Does anyone have any advice on what is wrong with him? He is getting really thin also.
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Can anyone tell me how to put on a pic? I am new.
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I would definitely have to say that seeing a vet is the smartest thing to do. There is a thread around here somewhere explaining how to post a picture...I'll try to find it real quick.
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All I can tell you with any certainty is that your kitten needs to see a vet asap. Please do not wait a few more days...cats can not live off body fat like we can, and can become quite ill if they lose too much weight too rapidly.
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I just read your post again and it worries me even more...especially since the kitten is SO young still. Please take him to the vet ASAP.
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I should take him to the vet even though he still eats a little bit but not like he used to? If that is the case then I will take him tomorrow. I am just hesitant because everytime I take my cats to the vet, I just spend a LOT of money and they dont even do anything for him but say, "if he gets worse, then give us a call." I cant afford to lose another $100 at the vet. But if it is absolutely nessesary then I will.
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That is the problem, as much as we all want to be helpful, we can't see your kitten, and since we aren't vets, we can't diagnose what is wrong. I made my suggestion based on your description of a young kitten with decreasing appetite that you said is becoming thin, and is no longer using the litter box to urinate but is urinating everywhere else.

Kittens/cats are expensive, but wouldn't you hate to lose him to something that could be treated?

Sorry to be blunt, heaven knows I can empathize with you about vet bills..we've had plenty of them in recent years.
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Just a guess here but it could be worms( whipworms, hookworms, etc) and or . intestinal parasites. Kittens can be in a serious situation very quickly because they don't have a strong immune system ,as yet to , fight disease.
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Another thought, it could possibly be an intestinal blockage. Did your kitten possibly swallow something like plastic ,thread , a small toy, etc?
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I dont think he has ever swallowed anything like that.
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A vet visit and exam would help rule out what June suggested.

Just a thought - is your kitten still losing weight and peeing everywhere?
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He seems to just be peeing in the litter box now and I am not sure if he is still losing weight. He is 10 weeks and weighs 1.8 pounds.
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I also took him to the vet today. They gave him a shot of pennisillanand gave him another wormer in case he has worms. When I got him home he threw up the wormer stuff. The pennisillan was injected in him so that stayed in I believe. THey also gave him fluids injected in him.
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I am glad you got him in to the vets, and hope the antibiotic will help him begin to feel better. I think you'll find that as he feels better, his appetite should improve as well.. until then, just keep offering him different choices...Fancy Feast has so many varieties - with or without gravy, many different textures, and different flavor combos, that I am fairly sure, you'll find one he'd like.
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