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Plz Help my injured cat

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Ok...My Cat Scotty is an outdoor cat and today when I let him in his foot was bleeding between his claw.....Everytime I try to wrap it up he kicks out....What should I do? Force him down?
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Can you get some styptic powder? It should stop the bleeding. You might also want to start by cleaning out the area with a Q-tip and some hydrogen peroxide to keep it from getting infected.
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Please don't force him down or wrap it up. cloud_shade is correct the powder should stop the bleeding, if it doesn't and it is gushing call the vet. Are there any other injuries? Split claws can sometimes signify an encounter with a wheeled vehicle.
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When I try to look at his foot he hisses at me and actually tried to swipe me...He's only 10 months...
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If his hissing is not his usual behavior & you can't get a clear look at his injury...I would take him to the vet to have him checked out.
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Do you know how much that would cost? If its a minor cut?
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I agree with XO, if your cat is hissing and swiping, that paw is hurt and needs to be checked out. Even if it's minor, it could get infected. Infection --> sepsis --> really bad outcomes. You don't want to lose your cat from something preventable.
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Originally Posted by jelani
Do you know how much that would cost? If its a minor cut?
I know for an initial exam around here, its $50-$60 CDN and then the treatment (which may not be that much).
But if your cat is in pain or hurt, it would be much more beneficial for you in the long run..What if it gets infected or worse?
That would be a much heftier bill I assure you.

Let us know!
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My outdoor cat Will has been in fights twice, bad enough to need to see the vet. Both times he needed antibiotics. With the regular office visit fee, and meds, it cost about $80-90 per visit. This included his initial vaccinations.

If your cat is still having trouble with the paw today, I think he should be checked by a vet. If money is an issue, you can call several vets in your area, to find the best price. Good luck!
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A couple months ago, my Bud hurt a claw. He was also bleeding but it didn't seem serious at the time because he was walking normally, so I waited. Well, after a few days, he started limping and his paw had a very foul smell. Took him to the vet and he had a broken claw. His claw was extracted and since infection had started to set in, antiobiotics were prescribed. The total visit cost $100 CDN. I would not take any chances and take him to the vet because the longer you wait the more it will cost if it's something serious. Good luck.
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