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Noodle's new mansion!!!

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Hi everyone!!! I finally borrowed my brother's digital, so I could update you on Noodle's (my ferret) new "mansion". That's what my parents call it anyways! I knew I wanted to get her a bigger cage, but didn't think I would get one this big! She is totally worth it, though, and is very happy!!!

Here are some pics!!!

Here is a full-view of it. The very bottom level is where she goes potty, and it's the only level that actually fit her new cozy kitten bed. Don't worry, though, the bed stays completely clean!

The second level is where she eats and drinks, and plays with toys of course. The third level from bottom is another sleeping place. I placed 2 of her favorite blankies in there, and she loves to hide in them and take naps! The very top level is her own little amusement park. There are 2 hanging hammock-type things that she can climb in/sleep in/hide in, whatever her little heart desires. Also on the top level is a big tunnel-tube that she loves to run through and take toys into, so that she can push them all the way through. She is so precious!!!

Here she is on the very bottom level, hanging out on her bed

Playing on the top level:

And my most favorite picture of all....

Isn't she a doll!!!???!!?!?! I love her so much! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!!!
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Hey Lacey nice shoots of your ferret!
The Noodle´s home look´s like the Hyatt Hotel for the Ferrets!!!!..
I love his "hammock" for the hot days Isn´t?
Thanks for share!
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aw! Thanks Rigel! You are too sweet!!! She was overweight for a few months, and this mansion has given her the exercise she needed to lose that weight! She's in good shape now!!!
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OMG Noodle is sooo cute! Love the mansion, what a lucky girl she is!!
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That's a big cage, Noodle is very cute.
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What a huge set up! Such a precious little face !
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
The Noodle´s home look´s like the Hyatt Hotel for the Ferrets!!!!..
I agree 100%. Does she have a little bell she can ring for room service?
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That is one spoiled ferret!! That looks like a FABULOUS ferret mansion!! And it most DEFINITELY looks like she's enjoying it!!
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Noodle is adorable! She's very pampered. How does she act around Juicy? Have they been introduced at all?
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Too cute! Definitely the Ferret Four Seasons there! I was waiting for the spa and the four star restaurant, olympic size swimming pool! LOL! I love ferrets--would love to have one one day. Do you let her run around the house at all or are you afraid Juicy would take a swipe at her? I had a friend in college who had a ferret named Ratfink, he was a pickpocket! He loved going into my purse and stealing things!
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Noodle is just so cute!!! I love the Ferret Highrise too!
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Wow, that is one heck of a cage, mansion is right

And Noodle is drop dead grgeous, by the way
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so, is Noodle house-trained? by that, i mean can you let him/her have free rein in the house & he/she will go potty in his/her place? or does he/she pretty much have to stay in the cage unless you're interacting with him/her?
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Noodle is adorable and looks like she loves her mansion.
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Noodles is adorable. We are not allowed to have them in California. Bummer.
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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!!! I play with Noodle several times a day, but sadly she is only allowed out on supervised visits. When I first got her I let her run around as she pleased, but she is so small that she got stuck behind some cabinets and we had to break the cabinets to get her out!!! It was so scary!!! I don't want to risk losing her, or injuring her, so I feel the best thing is only letting her out while we are home to watch her.

Juicy, Noodle and Destin are very good friends!!! I let them all play together and it is SOOO cute! One would think that, since Noodle is so small, that both Juicy and Destin (my dog) would have the upper-hands, but it's not true at all!!! Noodle chases Juicy and Destin around!!! It's soooo funny!!! They are never too rough, but Noodle does like to get Juicy on his back and nibble on his legs!!! haha!!! She doesn't mean any harm, though, she is just playing. Neither Juicy nor Destin have ever been aggressive towards Noodle, which is wonderful!!!

I posted some pictures of Juicy and Noodle playing a while back (actually it was mostly just Noodle chasing Juicy) in Juicy's they are!!!:

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