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Your wedding attendants?

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Whether you are married, have been married, big wedding, small wedding, elopement, justice of the peace, how many people did you have as attendants?

I had my sister Carol as my matron of honor, and Jerry had his brother Patrick as his best man.............

I was just reading an email from a friend who's neice is having 15 bridemaids! OH MY GOSH!
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awwww Susie thanks for share I figured that lovely moment!

In our case, Gema just only pick two little girls to carry the rings and the coins awww good memmories! ...
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Wow...15 bridesmaids!!! I can't even imagine having to deal with 15 bridesmaids!!! Obviously, the poor bride didn't know what she was letting herself in for. Just imagine trying to find a dress that makes 15 people happy. (Oh, I know they all SAY they'll be happy wearing whatever you want them to, but those of us who are married know better! )

I had sister was my maid of honor, and my three sisters-in-law as bridesmaids. Plus my niece as flower girl. It was a medium-sized wedding...about 125 people.
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my step daughter and step son were our maid of honor and best man.
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I was supposed to have 3, but due to the death in the family of one of my friends, I just had 2. My sister was my matron of honor, and a super wonderful friend was my bridesmaid. Earl had 3 on his side. His best friend from the Air Force was his Best Man, his friend Dave, and a good friend Stacey who is a woman. She was so cool about it - rented the tux and everything for it!
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We had 7 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen.
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Well, let me see. We were trying to be kinda low-key about it, we ended up with his best friend Greg, my best friend (at the time, I've lost touch with her) Marie, and an older friend Charlotte who INSISTED on being there LOL. Also my sister Linda at the last minute when I thought we were going to be late (waiting on Greg who was helping another friend roof his house???) and I needed her to go to the courthouse to meet Marie to let her know we were on our way. It was ... interesting. Never having done this before we had to dig up a judge (didn't know you could make appointments) and Charlotte helped out by cornering a circuit judge in his chambers . Greg did eventually show up, and while Linda and Marie were waiting on us to make an appearance they discussed the possibility of making a scene as if they had been jilted. Fortunately we did get there before they could get bored enough to actually put their plan into action, heh.

Sunny was just a tad nervous. When the judge was reading out the part of the ceremony and in which Sunny was supposed to repeat after him, he just stood there with this glazed expression on his face. I had to poke him in the ribs ..."REPEAT, Sunny!"

Really, why would anybody want a huge wedding ?
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I had six bridesmaids and six groomsmen
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My brother's wife had 15 bridesmaids too, she asked me, and my two sisters, but we said no. Thank god we did, because all of her bridesmaids were kids. (from 12-17 years old, she was just 18)
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2 each. We got married at a tiny little church at the U. Of Southern California (she was a student there at the time). total guests was under 50.
we had her dress made by a quinceria (I know I've butchered the spelling of that, sorry...) dress maker, her brother did the photography (he's a pro) and some guests brought food to the reception in luieue of gifts. Her hair stylest was a friend of the famly getting out of giving a gift as well.

all in all we did well, saved most of our money for the honeymoon. The most expensive thing (and the only thing we really paid full $ for) was the cake.

we even got the rings because they were heavily on sale. The diamond in both of our engagement rings is smaller then the two bits of solder that hold it in place, but what the hell... it's the marriage that counts, not the jewelry...
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I had a Matron of honor, and three long time friends as bridesmaids, Dh's best friend could not be the Best Man as he wanted, so he had a Best Person at the last minute, and 3 of my dh's 5 brothers were Groom's Men, plus I had two flower girls (each a daughter of one of my bridesmaids). I still think that day just flew by way too fast
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Holy moly! I had two attendants - friends from college - and Jason had his two brothers. Simple and perfect for us. I can see where people would have huge wedding parties though, particularly if you have a large family or it's cultural tradition. (But glad I didn't have to do that - too much pressure to keep all those people organized!)
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My first marriage was just me, ex hubby, JoP, and a State Trooper as a witness
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Our wedding was me and Brad(of course) my maid of honor, his best man, and my uncle walked me from inside to outside by my maid of honors flower bed. ( it was at her and the best mans house in their back yard,) They have a huge and georgous yard and house! AH memories!
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15 people?????????? OMG!!!!!!!! I don't think that I know 15 people well enough to want them in my wedding. And then to think about all of the bickering between all of those girls.

We only had 3 in our wedding. We had a small church wedding and asked our closest friends.

I do wedding photography and had a call for a wedding with 18 bridesmaids and 3 junior bridesmaids!!!!!!!!! Boy did I run from that one!!
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Wow 15...that's a lot for sure. I would hate to have to find something that all would be happy to wear

Let's see I had my daughter as Maid of honor, my sister for my Matron of Honor, my best friend and neice were my bridesmaids. Three of my four granddaughters were my flower girls and the oldest granddaughter was the ringbearer. And everyone thought I had a big wedding

Well duh.... I forgot all about the groomsmen They don't call me Blondiecat for nothing Ken had his 4 guys standing up with him.
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I just hade my friend Jacqui as my maid of honour.

Vicky who i work with may be having 6 at her wedding next year.
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o, well im not married yet, and i dont have any long time friends to have as a maid of honor! Ill have to pick somoene from tcs
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only 2, one on each side
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[quote=catherine]15 people?????????? OMG!!!!!!!! I don't think that I know 15 people well enough to want them in my wedding. And then to think about all of the bickering between all of those girls. /QUOTE]

I was thinking the same thing.......I don't have 15 close enough friends to ask! LOL
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