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Kitty nicknames?

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I don't know bout everyone else....but it seems like one name isn't enough for little Kasha (there's one!) She has about a million.....Kasha, Chomper, Bug, Speedy, Kash, Kashi, turd bird (that would be my boyfriends)....its amazing that she has so many and still isnt confused.....please tell me i'm not alone on maybe i am....who knows.
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You are not alone
All 3 of mine has a bizillion nicknames but somehow still know their real names
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Oh yeah my babies have their various nicknames too.
The Sammycat also known as Sammy, Sam,Babycat, Budda, Bubble Butt, and "You B@$#@%&!!!"
This one is used very rarley and only when he attacks my ankles while I walk down the hallway

Oscar also known as Oskee, Doodle, Oscardoodle, Cuddle Butt, Lover boy. He doesn't have a really special name since he never attacks my ankles.
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A few days ago cj was looking at himself in the mirror like he does quite often, and I asked him who the sexy beast in the mirror was. He let out a Meow like he was saying it was him. It was very mater of fact. I asked him if he was the sexy beast, and he did it again. Well he does the same thing everytime i call him that. I dont know why, but it has become a nickname, and every time, 2 weeks later he answers with a meow. who knows why, he is werid, and apparently has a very high opinion of himself.
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i thought i was alone in this.

my eldest cat is called bonnie but also gets, bonnie cat, chubba bubba, fattie catty, fatty bon and bon bon.

my youngets cat pandy gets, pandy bear, smoocher head, manky, ranker skanker (don't ask, my Husband calls her that one), cutie pie.

and my puppy anassa gets nassa, horsey (she has long legs), nassa poo, nassa pants and nas we haven't had her for long enough yet, she will get more nicknames yet.

i don't even know where half the nicknames come from, some of them are so silly, they all still know their real names, luckily.


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nacho - nach, Nachise, Nachocheese, booger, hottie, cute stuff

Orion - cute stuff, lover boy

Gordito - Gordy, gordy boy, hottstuff, cutie

PopTart - Poppehtart, Pooper scooper, cutie, cute stuff, gorgeous boy, hott stuff.
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Katie has a lot and the funny thing is, she comes to everyone of them. So here is goes... Katie also known as ... Katlin, Kate, Cheeks, Monkey, Cheeky Monkey, Monk, and Miss Kate.
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Sweetie pie, hunny bun, cherub, fluffy bum sweetie pops, oh they get worse don't they so i'll stop there!

And sometimes i call Rosie Sophie and vice versa
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Little Aristotle has acquired the nickname White Tornado and Sugar Cookie. I'm sure more are coming!
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Love all your nicknames guys! Petals is Poopdedo, Trixie is Pixie Pie and Tigger is lovebug.
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Oh yeah.. Bowser is his full name - but nicknames are:

Lil' B
Bow Wow

My parent's cats - Huey and Hacker (I named both )
Huey is called "Sam"
and Hacker is "The Baby" or "Slinky"
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Our cats must be unbelievably confused, but they don't let on. I found that in the animal shelter they were called Bud and Frosty. Their foster mom called them Luke and Lily and we changed their names again:

Blossom, B-girl, Girl, Sleepy head Magoo, Razzle Dazzle
Blake, Billy Boy, Boy, Spike, Bosley

But they always know to come to us for play and cuddles, so the multiple name game works out.

I wonder how people name their human children? It must be tough to pick JUST one name!
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Mine have nicknames, too, they rarely get called by their "given" names.

Snickers is Snicky or Nickies or Knickerbockers.
Dusty is Moppy or just 'Mop'.
K.C. is Nutty... Nutcase, shortened down.
Zorro has been called "Buddy" since he was about a yr old.
Hammie (Hamtaro) is called Monster. He's not a monster but lord, he's off the wall sometimes!
Jessie gets called "Messy", not really for any other reason except it sounds cute!
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Frodo is called, at various times: Fro, Fro-fro, bebe, Big Boy, and Stud Tail

Sam goes by Samwise, sam-sam, Little One, and "Hey! Get off the table!"
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Pixel's nicknames: Pixel Pie, Pixela, Pixelini, Pretty Pixel, Sweet 'P', baby cat (she has a very high voice!) Pixel stix...
Cable's nicknames: Cabes, Cable cars, Cabelicious, Cabie babie, Missy Cabes
Java's nicknames: Java jive, Javs, Miss Java, baby kitty
poor Java hasn't been around long enough to get lots of names!
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Amo Bonito!--- means NICE MASTER!!! ...
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