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severe itching and bald spots

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I've had Soota for a year now. She is 3 yr old spayed female that I adopted from the local animal pound. When we first adopted her she had an upper respitory infection. This went away. However after that dissappeared she began itching a lot up by her ears and her face. I noticed a tiny bald spot on the top of her head and there was a scab there. Then I noticed what looked to be dried blood not inside her ear but on the skin on her forhead leading into her ear. Then just a few days ago I noticed a little larger bald spot on her back with what look to be redish flakes of dried blood. Now over the last 2 days she has began licking and itching constantly all over her body.

I can't afford to take her to the vet for a few more weeks. What could this possibley be and what can I do over the counter or naturally to get her some relief until I can take her in?

Note: i also have another older male cat. He shows no signs of itchiness or being uncomfortable at all. No bald spots on him.
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Is she eating the food she was at the shelter?? have you been bruching her?? if not try that ... HElp experts
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This sounds like an allergy, most likely a seasonal allergy, and could be the reason why Soota had the upper respiratory infection when you adopted her. Even if you can't take Soota to the vet for a few more weeks, you should definitely contact your vet to find out what you can do in the meantime. Most of the time, these allergies are caused by ragweed, budding trees and plants, cedar, etc. Basically the same seasonal allergens that a human can react to.

There's also a chance she could have fleas, "yes" we do have fleas in Colorado and especially this time of year when we're not in a drought. Even if you can't find any fleas on her, you can't rule them out since cats are normally very good at cleaning them off.

See what your vet suggests and follow his/her advice. If you can't get a free consultation, you can try flea medication just to see if it helps. It can't hurt, in any case. You should also try bathing her with a hypoallergenic shampoo and running some type of air purifier if you have one. Keep the doors and windows closed if you can. If you normally let her outside, keep her in for awhile, at least until you can see the vet.

Hope Soota feels better soon.
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Do you know if she was de-wormed before you adopted her?
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I am not sure if she was dewormed or not. When I adopted her they sent her to Harrison Memorial Animal shelter to get fixed. I think she caught her upper respitory infection there. They gave her all of her shots.

I have an appoinment with the vet in a week. What over the counter flea medications do you recommend? What type of hypo allergenic shampoo would you recommend?
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I prefer to use FrontLine flea and tick products.

For the shampoo, you should have good luck with HyLyt Essential Fatty Acid Shampoo. It seems to be very gentle on irritated skin. You could also try DVM Tearless Shampoo and I think that if you can find an oatmeal and aloe shampoo, that they are hypoallergenic as well.

But again, you should try to check with your vet before proceeding. He/she may have other alternatives.

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I was just about to post a question almost exactly like is.
Sakura is also itching her face alot and she is currently on Revolution for the past 2 months so I have a feeling its not fleas. She also has lots of nose and eye crustys.
But i wouldnt be surprised if its allergy's because her skin is already so sensitive.
We are making an appointment for her on thursday.

i hope everything goes well for your kitty, and thankyou for making this post
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I know Frontline and Advantage are very good flea formula's, but what about any less expensive ones, just so I don't spend a ton before taking her to the vet. My cats are both indoor cats and I haven't noticed any fleas hopping around so I'm sure if I have some there aren't too many yet.
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it could be ringworm also... i am dealing with that right now, we are just getting over it... it will produce the bald itchy patches that you are talking about, mostly on the head, but the others are good possibilities as well... if it is ringworm, the other cat may be a carrier of it and that is why he may not have it

whatever it is, have you tried talking to the vet about making payments, dont ask over the phone, take your cat up there and show them, and ask if you get her treated if you can just pay some now and the rest later

you can get an idea of if it is ringworm or not if you have a blacklight, you can shine it over her fur, if it glows green that is probably what it is, the vet can also do this...

frontiline and advantage are great... as for the cheaper ones, i believe i read on here, but i dont remember, so dont quote me... but they are not good for your cats... like the ones you can pick up at drug-stores and other places

i hope everything is okay, let us know
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