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Yesterday was the worst day in my life-(warning disturbing)

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My best friend had called me in a deep panic and was crying for me to get over to her house ASAP. The background noise was so loud that it was the only part I heard. I live 2 blocks from her and ran over in a panic.
She has 3 dogs and 1 cat. The oldest dog is 14 and is a husky and the she has 2 pitbulls that she raised from puppies. They are 6 and 3. She came home after shopping and let the dogs out. The oldest husky and the younger pitbull came back right away. She fed the 2 and then the other pitbull came back. Lil which is the 6 year old went over to the older huskies food dish while my friend was pouring her own and tried to eat some of her food. Her dish was now full and only 10 inches away. The husky let out a little warning bark and the Lil went right for her neck and started biting and killing her.
My freind and her 5 year old son were standing right there and she called me for help while yelling at the dogs. I got over there and it was not a pretty site.
The youngest pitbull now jumped in and all 3 dogs were fighting. I tried to jump in the middle because I had some obediance training but the youngest pitbull tried to take a chunk out of my arm.
The husky was then near death and I was yeling at the top of my lungs for them to stop. My friend in the mean time called the vet and he had arrived.
He tranquilised the 2 pit bulls so they would not attack anymore and we ended up euthanizing all 3 dogs. It was the hardest thing but it had to be done. I am still traumatized by this. I have babysat these dogs since they were kids and never saw them get aggressive like this. They loved each other. Her cat was luckily sleeping on the other side of the house
I am taking her to the shelter tonight to get her a another cat. She really needs a good pet right now and I think the cat would be perfect. Then she would have 2 cats as buddies and safe friends.
I just had to share this incident. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to face in my life.
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That is a very sad story, my Heart goes out to you and your friend
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Oh my Gosh! That is so terrible. I don't know what to say. At least no one else was hurt. How sad. Maybe a cat would be a better idea. Lots of sympathy vibes coming to you and your friend.
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Oh what a tragic end to the story, especially since there was no indication that they would end up getting into such a row.
Maybe, though, it would be a good idea to wait just a bit before bringing home another pet. She may need some time to distance herself from this tragedy before she will be able to fully love another animal. I dunno, just my opinion. But I do hope healing comes for you, your friend, and her son
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Wow, perhaps this lends more to the nature vs. nurture theory when it comes to Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls have actually been banned here in Ontario, due to a great number of attacks on people and other dogs.

At any rate, sorry to hear about yours and your friends experience. It's a very sad situation, but perhaps euthanization was for the best.
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That must have been just terrible to experience. I'm senting prayers for comfort for you and your friend.
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How sad. I am sorry for your friends and for you. I hope the cat helps. Hugs
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I'm sorry.

I hope you and your friend are ok - My thoughts are with you.
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I am sorry to hear your story, I hope that you are feeling better today?
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What a terrible thing to have happened! I'm sorry you had to go through that, and I'm sorry your friend had to lose her babies.
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I'm sorry to hear that. I know that it must have been tramatic for everyone involved, but on the other hand it may be a blessing in disguise. What if it had been her son who had reached into the food dish?

My BIL had a pitbull and he claimed that it wouldn't hurt anyone. Well, I didn't care what he said, as long as she had it my son was not allowed to go there without me. And when we were there, he was not allowed to go into the yard either. I know it's horrible to say, but I'm glad that pittbull passed a few years ago, I don't have to watch it like a hawk and carry a weapon any more. (I always kept a baseball bat near me when there b/c he thought it was funny one day to let it out one time when I was there.)
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Oh my.......how awful for all concerned........
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What a hard thing to have to face. I bet your friend is heartbroken. I hope that a new kitty will add some joy to both her, her cat, and you. My heart goes out to all of you!
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How awful. I am very sad for you and your friend. How lucky, though, that her son did not get involved, or the kitty.

We used to have 2 female Akitas. When they got together they would fight, and I have heard that they will fight to the death. Luckily, they never got seriously injured, but we did have to send one away (to live with Grandma and Grandpa) to prevent fights. Once I was pulling one dog (by her leash) away from the other (on a chain). The chained dog had the tail, and wouldn't let go, as I was pulling the leash.

As much as I adore Misty, the akita we kept, I will never own another. She is wonderful with the kids and cats and family, but not trustworthy with other dogs. She has gone to the neighbors and fought with their dog before. She has never attacked a smaller dog, or hurt another dog in a fight, but it is always a risk. It is sad, but if it is in their breeding, it is just their nature.

I am just very sad for that family. I will pray for them and for you. Make sure the 5 y/o gets to spend time with other dogs, so he doesn't end up scared of dogs after witnessing something so traumatic.
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What a terrible thing to happen, and to witness. It does argue rather strongly that it is nature, not nurture, that determines the aggressive tendencies of these dogs. My thoughts are with you and your friend.
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How sad, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend.
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Very sad. I wish you, your friend and her son never had to go through such a thing.
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how awful!

your poor friends losing three beloved pets in one day. pitbulls are banned here too. when they bite they just wont let go.

what a sad story. i hope your all feeling better today.
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huskies are the only dogs i like appart from pomeranians.
thats sad how they all had to die, but kitties do make better pets..
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what i terribly sad story , i feel very sorry for you having to witness that
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Oh gosh I am very sorry to hear about this. Pit bulls are known as attackers. Your friend and her daughter were very lucky they weren't hurt!! I would never get within 20 feet from a pit bull! Hopefully, the new kitten will bring her peace.
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I am so so so very sorry. This must've been emotionally and spiritually draining for you. As a new owner of a very young, cute, innocent and curious of everything puppy... I can only imagine your grief and the grief of the families involved.
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thats really sad, and kinda scary at the same time. Its actually really creepy...just to think it was all over food. I'm sorry you and your friend had to go through it all.
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That sounded VERY scary, & freaky-I'm sorry that you had to go through something like that, & hope that things soon start to return to normal.
I will never understand the popularity of Pittbulls in this country-my sister has 2 of them & I try to avoid them because I can't stand them, & I am an animal lover. I don't want them in my home, either.
Her first Pittbull tore open the neck of another dog that she was looking after because it got too close to her. The dog lived, & she had to pay it's vet bills.
Hopefully that's the only price she will have to pay for being so naive..
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oh my gosh...what a a terrible story!!! I'm so sad about this! I feel so bad for the Husky and for you and your friend.

I am so glad that a person or the kitty weren't harmed.
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OMG!!! How horrible! My sympathy goes out to your friend and her dogs.

What will become of the pit bulls?

I know they are agressive in many ways, I have one i've raised from 6 wks and he is now 5 years old. I know his bite very well too on account he bite me by mistake will tryn to run from two others. He is now getting a little agressive when he plays and bites even harder. So I have to be a little more careful.

PLEASE NEVER EVER break up a dog fight alone!!!! You can be turned on, you need to at least have one person per dog and each grab the dogs hinds legs and pulled back while turning in a circular motion, to prevent the dog from biting you and so it will be busy tryn to keep balance. PLease never yell at the either that will also convert them to attack you if they feel threaten. Tell you friend to keep something handy that can cause a break in the fight. This might sound mean but it works, try a fire extinguisher(sorry if it isnt spelled right) the cold blast will stopped them and you can quickly remove what you can or restain them.

I had read about that from a pitbull breeder's web site.
The pit could have reacted to the warning growl as a threat and reatced in agression and off of basic instinct as what most could have done.

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Oh how terrible! I'm so sorry you all had to go through that!
My heart goes out to all of you, especially the little one who had to witness all of it. I hope that he doesn't become fearful of dogs because of this.
I've owned dogs in the past and believe me, even the smallest dogs have nasty bites. Mine were Pomerian-mutts. I had the vet at the house(I owned six and couldn't take them all together for their shots, so she came to us) well our one was upset because she didn't like the vet and bit right thru my thumb nail to the bone! . Holy crap did that hurt!!!!!
But anyway, my story is for another time......
My heart is for you and your friend, right now. I'm glad none of you were bitten.(and that the kitty wasn't nosey at that time). May time blur all your horrible visions, that you have right now, in your head.
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How terrible. So very terrible. I am glad no people were hurt. I myself own a husky, and they can be food agressive, but will usually warn.....pitts being agressive in nature...no doubt took that as a threat so very sad.
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my heart goes out to you

That would have been so hard to witness especially since you were helpless to do anything, i agree with the others on interveening, it is hard to just let it happen but you have to be careful you don't get hurt yourself.

Last weekend my Husband and i went camping with some friends and their two dogs, one of the dogs (a lab cross rotweiler) max has been friends with my puppy anassa for ages, anassa is a pointer cross wolfhound. The other dog, saxon is a staffy cross.

saxon is a very quiet dog, this was the first time i'd met him, all the dogs were tied up to the cars because we were in a caravan park and they weren't allowed to run loose. saxon would just sit there and growl for no reason, his owner had brought him from an animal rescue place when he was about 7 months old and he'd had a pretty rough life.

the next day, we took all the dogs to the beach for a run, they were all running through the sand dunes and nassa was having so much fun, her big ears would fly into the air with every bound

saxon and max were playing a little rough, they are both male and sometimes it would nearly esculate into a fight but they left anassa alone.

not long before we left one of the dogs found a large shark (dead) washed up on the beach, nassa has never seen a shark before and was excited and ran over to investigate, for some reason saxon just went at her, he was attacking her and growling and all i could hear was her yelping, saxon's owner grabbed him somehow and dragged him off, poor nassa was yelping so loudly, she was all wet and had her tail between her legs, she snuggled up to me then followed me back to the car where she jumped in and curled up in a ball, i know she was scared because usually she can't or won't jump in the car, it's a fourwheel drive and we lift her inside.

she is only four months old but she is already bigger than saxon and is nearly as tall as max so maybe he didn't realise she was a puppy, either way, it was too scary and i don't know what would have happened if saxon hadn't been taken away.

she looked such a pitiful site though, she was all wet and her ears were dangling down, she was looking up at me with her big brown eye's which looked soooo sad and she was whimpering, it nearly made me cry .

i guess with any dogs, you just never know what to expect, some dogs are more prone to fighing than others but you can never tell.


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Thanks for all the kind words. It was a very emotional and scary scene. I am a die hard dog lover and unfortunately I will never look at another pitbull the same. We got her a cat last night and his name is "cat". It was her sons idea.
It is so sweet and is 3 years old. He is a mixture and caught our eyes the minute we walked in. We get to bring it home tonight and I am going to help her in the introducing process from all the great tips on here. Im hoping it will help take the nightmares and sorrow out of there life forever.
I hope the dogs are all doing well in doggy heaven as they were all 3 sweet dogs. They were treated well and lived long good lives.
Thanks again for the words of encouragement and prayers. It will take awhile to heal from this episode but I think the new addition will help.
Gosh I still cry when I talk about this. It was very traumatizing for everyone.
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