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what is the purpose of microchip inserted in cats? my little boy is getting neutered next month at 5 months and i'm thinking of getting this done at the same time, and also how much does it normally cost?, thanks
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it costs £25-£20 at my vet but sometimes they have specials (not much point in me telling you that as we're in differnt countries)

to me microchipping gives peace of mind. i know if my cat escapes and gets picked up by an animal shelter all they will have to do is scan her and she will be reunited with me in a matter of hours.

i would highly reccomend it. all it is is a tiny chip smaller than a grain of rice which contains a serial number. the serial number relates to your name, address, phone number etc. if your cat goes missing it can be scanned for a chip and you will be notified.

Maverick has already been chipped and the kitten is getting done thursday.
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Guinness was chipped when I had him neutered.

I think his cost about £15 but then it was over a year ago now... you would never know that it's there either!
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