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Thanks everyone who emailed me, about Bert. I took him to the Vet. Yesterday, she told me that he has Diabetes and Glucoma. So it is going to take work on my part, which I am willing to do. I am just sad for him, because he looks so sad. The Vet was real informative gave me a literature to read about Diabetes, so I am in the process of reading that.
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...but at least you have what sounds like a good vet in your corner and the heart to help Bert. Since he couldn't do it without you, I'd say the deck is stacked in his favor.

Best wishes to you and Bert! Keep us posted on his progress.

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Sorry to hear about Bert. But, I am glad they found the problem and now you can go about treatment. I glad he is in such good hands.
By the way there is a thread in the Forum I believe about the best way to give cats their shots for diabetes. Hope this helps!!!!
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I'm sorry about Bert!! I know he looks so sad right now, but generally once you get the diabetes under control, they feel and act so much happier. I am glad you got a definate answer Give this link a look.

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Just wondering how Bert was doing ? I had a spare moment and started reading some of the forums and saw yours. I do know that he is one lucky little guy to have you as such a dedicated owner !!! My best to both you and Bert
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