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If you buy stuff off of the net,

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If you do, what kind of items do you buy?
Will buy xmas presents by chance over the net?

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Actually I do use the internet for shopping quite a bit. I buy presents for my sister because it's easier to find her sizes online; I buy hay for the Guinea Pig from Oxbow online; I just bought 3 rare books off of ebay; and I buy all my clothes from Spiegels online. I don't like shopping, and this just makes it so much easier! No crowds, no lines. I DO still have to go to the mall sometimes though, for things I don't want shipped, or don't know if they'll fit - that sort of thing.
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We have in the past, but probably won't this year. We're not really after anything that we can't readily get locally. Last year, we bought a GameBoy Color thru Electronics Boutique online. Successfully received it before Xmas, although we were told not to expect to.

In the past, I've also purchased books from B&N, discontinued perfume for the Mrs., I forget what else...

My $.02,

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I like shopping the net, because I can find things I have difficulty locating without going to 1000 stores. A couple of years ago, I bought my daughter a pogp stick online. Last year I found a soccer jersey for a particular European player to give to a friend. This year, I will be ordering some software for my kids that I haven't been able to find in a store.

The other convenience is definitely "point, click, ship". I shop for many people out of state. I have always hated the wrapping and mailing aspect. I could have my shopping done 2 months ahead of time, and procrastinate that bundling and mailing thing.

Long live the net.
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Thanks guys. If you have not guessed, I have an online business. I recently quite my job and went out on my own. So trying to get a feel for things. Things are going, would like to speed things up, but I know it takes time....LOL


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I love buying things online, but it's usually gym stuff and also, software. Companies are really great; sometimes they even pay for the shipping. I can get software for 75% off compared to what it costs in Circuit City or places similar.

I love the net, you can't beat it...Larry, I checked your site out. Nice for gifts

Good Luck!

Love & Peace,
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The last and only time I shop online or through the mail, was from Amazon.com. I bought some toys for my kids and have it paid for. It took two months to get everything!!! No more! I'll buy things were I can get it at the same time.
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Thanks Cat I know someone will always have a bad experience. But try my place out, ill make sure you get it within 2 months....LOL

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I am a member of an on-line shopping group which buys through a company called Quixtar. They have just about anything you can think of from cosmetics,health stuff(including gym equip,Cat ),women and men's top line clothing,housewares,foodstuffs,electronics,etc,etc. Plus they have internet services,long-distance phone plans,travel cards,and over 100 "partner stores". I can get up to 30% discounts,rebates and as an IBO..an income.

Home shopping is the wave of the future for sure,but you have to be careful of your"store" just like you would in a mall.

Has catfood too..for the required cat content..
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Well, mine is actually a true store. I buy my merchandise at wholesale, sell at retail. I also drop ship some items. I like the idea of home shopping like the club you typed of, but I kinda still view that like Amway (Though it has made some allot of $$). (Just my opinion, dont have to like it, but please respect it.)

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I'm not making a comment..but would you..or anyone please tell me what is wrong with Amway?? Just wondering.
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I went to an Amway presentation once..its like a cult. Very weird!
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Well, amway is kinda like a pyrmid scheme. I say kinda, because its a grey area. People at the top become very wealthy. I am not an expert on amway in anyway, one of my friends is always trying to get me in, I simply do not buy into it.

I know that doesnt explain much, but I am willing to bet if someone who is with amway comes to this thread, we will get to know how it works. I would like to see that also.

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The people at the top get very wealthy? Larry,you just described every company and corporation in existance. All business is a pyramid extending down from the original owners through their sales people,etc. Think of Exxon and all those service stations...or McDonalds and all their franchises. Pyramids all.

The thing is that Amway has worked since the 50's and their sales and organization is the model for many of the other businesses like Avon and Mary Kaye.

Incidentally..I can access your home page but the "catalogue" won't display.
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