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Cat-friendly cleaning products?

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Hi All,
I am finally getting around to thinking about spring cleaning--late, I know, but at least Im doing it . . . er, thinking about it! I've had my wonderful one-year old Luke and Lily for six weeks now (can anyone offer tips for posting pics of them?) and I feel like I shouldn't use the same cleaning products I've used before. I've always used stuff that has bleach in it--and rinsed it well. But I'm wondering if there are products or cat-friendly cleaning techniques I don't know about? I'm worried that they will lick surfaces or something and get sick. Any suggestions?
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Should I just rinse it really well or are there some products that I just shouldnt use at all? Any experience would be appreciated.
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Bear with me while I try to find the thread that talks about this
EDIT: Sorry I am having trouble finding the thread but someone who knows more will help soon!

2 cleaners that are absolutely SAFE to use though are Simple Green and Citrus Plus

About pics if you look here it is all explained. If you can't figure it out PM me and I will do my best
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I would add that vinegar or lemon juice would be safe too. What do you want to clean?
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I will also add that a hand held steam machine works great, is not toxic & is relatively inexpensive.
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All great ideas--thanks. They are really inquisitive in the bathroom and actually like to spend time in/around/on the shower and bath (we've never given them submersion baths, so they don't fear water and will sit on a corner of the tub when we shower/bathe) which of course I'd always cleaned with a spray cleaner that has bleach in it. I started thinking that if there was any residue that got on their paws and then they licked it, it would be really bad news. They give the kitchen sink a wide berth, so I don't worry about that so much. I'm mainly more concerned with bathroom/sanitizing type cleaners.

Thanks everyone!!!
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Thanks Ash BCT! I think I figured out the signature for pics--I appreciate it!
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If you need something mildy abrasive use baking soda. very cheap 15 cents a box. It works well if you have soap scum or a ring around your tub. Also if you need to unclog drains dump some baking soda in and add lemon juice and/or white vinegar to it. Baking soda also works well for cleaning the toliet bowl. I even sprinkle a little on the bottom of cjs litter box before I dump in the litter.
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baking soda! What great advice. I never would have thought of it, but its perfect.
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