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Maine Coon X near Toronto?

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Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I'll try anything to help Smokey, the cat! :-)

See, his owner can't keep him any longer and was going to have him put down yesterday. I couldn't let that happen. I told the owner to bring the cat to me, even though we have never seen him before. He is seven years old, very laid-back and quiet.

She brought him yesterday and he allowed us to brush him, cuddle him and handle him. He was understandably nervous, though. And when Chatter-kitten (6 months) saw him, there was loud hissing from our kitten's side. He must have Siamese blood or something in him!

Smokey, being older and Top Cat, couldn't let that happen, of course, so he hissed back. We kept him in the basement with the door closed, but would go in every few minutes to pet him or pay attention or something. Every time Smokey heard Chatter upstairs, he would hiss again. By the way, the basement is finished, so he was not shoved in with boxes and stuff. He has a box with a blanket in it that my younger son made ready for him, he has food and water and all kinds of hidey-holes behind the freezer and tv if he wants to. The kids sit and watch tv down there in the evenings and afternoons, and he was sitting on their laps, etc.

We would like to keep Smokey and not upset him by moving him again, but not if it means keeping the cats apart at all times. It is not fair to either of them to heap stress like that on them. Or on us! :-)

I think Smokey might have a lot of Maine Coon in him. He is huge - his feet are the biggest I've ever seen. What do you think? That is, if the picture I am trying to attach, works! (If not, then there is a picture of him uploaded here http://greetings.yahoo.com/greet/view?FM8AVNNN23JUY if anyone wants to see.

Currently we have a dwarf rabbit, the Chatter-kitten, and two hedgehogs who have three babies at the moment. I don't want to short-change any pet with not being able to give him or her the attention they deserve.

So - if anyone is near Toronto in Ontario, Canada, and would like to give Smokey a home, would you please contact me?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum!
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i would take him today if were near you ,i have a maine coon and this fluff ball looks as though he is indeed a fellow coon,i really hope you can find someone for him,if only you were nearer let us know how you get on,give him a kiss for me X
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some where around here are steop by step instructions on introducing a new cat to a household. Someone will be able to help you shortly with that.

I hope you're able to keep smokey
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I wouldn't give up on Smokey yet (He's so beautiful!!!). It can take a couple of weeks to introduce cats together and the time it takes is well worth it. If you search the archives on here about introducing cats you will find a lot of information on how your supposed to do it. You might try posting this in behavior; you will probably get a quicker response there. Are they both neutered; if you haven't neutered your 6 month old yet you should do it as soon as possible and find out about Smokey. Male cats that aren't neutered fight terribly.
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Thanks for the posts! I did a search on the forums and found Hissy's post under the "Stray Cat Dilemma" thread, about how to introduce a new cat. Will try that and see how it goes. Hissy - if you see this post, thanks for taking the time to explain step by step! Most of those things you said are so logical that twits like me never think of them. :-)

We did confine Chatter to the bedroom and bathroom last night, while we brought Smokey out to explore the main floor, but he was not happy at all. He hid behind a chair and wouldn't come out. We took him back down to the basement where he felt more at home, although lonely. I'll open the door a bit again this morning, while the kids are at school and Chatter in the bedroom. He might be happier if it is quiet, to come out and explore on his own.

Chatter is neutered - we got him from the Humane Society after my Patches-cat died (long story posted on another forum). I am not sure about Smokey; was going to phone his owner again this morning to find out more. Yesterday I just wanted to get him settled before she takes him to the vet to be put down!

His owner talks about "him and he", so I assumed it was a male - never really asked! We tried to check last night, but Smokey was not happy with us fiddling with his tummy. The fur is so thick as well that it didn't help. I tried to feel and couldn't feel any testicles, but that could only mean that he was neutered.

Will keep you posted - thanks for the input, everyone.
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Oh he is beautiful. I have a female maine coon and I just love the breed. Hope things work out for you and that you are able to keep him.

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Smokey is magnificant! I just know in my heart that the two will get along soon! It will take time, but if you follow MaryAnne's advice, things should work out nicely. Good luck with them both! You are an angel for taking him in.
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Smokey is a beautiful cat and it sounds like he would make a wonderful addition to your family! Hopefully, Hissy's instructions on introducing two cats will work for you!
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Drats I'm in Vancouver! Try posting his picture at yahoo.ca ; I think they have a pets adoption thread. Otherwise there's meow-aid (not sure if you have a chapter out there) or call
Rogers and have his picture posted on that channel where they post pet adoptions in community announcements

good luck:angel2:
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