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Petals and Trixie

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Just being cute together

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LOL> Petals sure loves that camera!!! They look like they enjoy each others company.
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Your three really do love the camera, Susan!!! They are too cute!!
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Awwwwwwwwww sisterly love!
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I LOVE those babies of yours!!!!!
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Susie, I love your 2 news Carpets on the floor!!... the Black & White is soo cute!! .........
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AWWWW my 3 send the beautiful furrys belly rubs!
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Great photo, Susie!
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Originally Posted by sashacat421

Great photo, Susie!

Thanks E!
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What a showoff!!
so cute..
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Awww, there's my girls! (and Piper's twin!) Love the pics, Susie!
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aw! Cute pictures!!!
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Your babies are so cute. Petals looks like she is making sure that you have her in the pictures. She loves the camera. I love your sweetie pies.
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Petals and Trixie look soo cute together! I wonder if my Ash will get as big as Petals is....they look alot like both Rock and Ash laying together...
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Petals is such a diva with her little "you cant have this" pose!
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such sweeties - i can't wait till i can post pix like this of my tabby & tuxedo... i think it will be soon! as Cable's getting closer to a year, she's calming down quite a bit.
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Such cute little girls... I wonder what they are talking about?
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very very cute.... Always in the mode to pose aren't they!!! LOl
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They are both so cute as always!
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