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Circle scab on back of neck

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Urraco, our loveable, and troublesome 2nd oldest Russian Blue has developed something on the back of his neck under his collar. I would be worried the collar caused it but it's in a circle the size of a dime off to the left side of the back of his neck, not all the way around.

I noticed it first and thought it was a peice of tape stuck down in his fur if that gives you an idea. Upon further investigation, it seems to be more like a scab on his skin, slightly raised and rough, and the edges seem to "peel up" although I haven't tried to pull anything off of him til I know what it is. Hair seems to grow in the middle of it (thats how I know it's not tape).

Last night I also noticed 2 long thin patches on his back legs, on the bottom by his rear knees. I figured since thats where his legs touch the ground when he's sitting it might be a wear spot, but it wouldn't explain the same thing on his neck in just one area instead of all the way under his collar. His collar also, and all of my kittens, are loose enough to fit 2 fingers under.

Does anyone have any experience with something like this? There is no discoloration in these spots. Looking at them you would think it was a peice of clear tape stuck on his fur.
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The spot on his neck could be ring worm, or if he's got a lot of hair loss it could be a thyroid condition, or it could be an alergy. At any rate it sounds like a trip to the vet is in order.
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I've had a few foster kittens with the same kind of thing. For one of them, it was ring worm (which can be transmitted to humans!). For another kitten, it was an allergy to plastic (he also had swollen and scabby lips). As for the other cats, the vet ran tests and nothing came up; a simple round of antibiotics cleared it all up in a few weeks.
Probably nothing serious (I hope). I would get him to the vet for a look-see.
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Hi ElecMoHwk,


I know its been quite a long time since you wrote this post. I've a cat with a scab just like you'r describing and a I still don't know what it is, I've been searching online to find an image or something similar.. but I haven't found anything!!. I would like to know what was Urraco had, I hope is not ringworm!

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