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Spots and scabs

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I have an orange tabby. One of our 2 youngest (twins), and he is developing some spots. First one was a dark spot of fur on his forehead. For the first 2 weeks we had him as a kitten we thought it was oil we couldn't clean out of his fur, since he was found on the street and given to us. We now know it's black hairs scattered in his orange, in a tight area. He's developed a larger area on his right hind quarters now as well, and he's also developing dark brown/black spots on his lips. In addition to all of these, his chin, and the fur just under his bottom lip, seem to be filling up with a kind of scab. It is black, and flakes off like a scab or dirt of some type and when it's all cleaned off, it returns in a day or so.

Anyone have any idea what this might be? We're heading to the vet sometime this week, but their schedule seems to have gotten quite full in the past few days so that could be a little longer before it happens.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?
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That stuff under the chin sounds like feline acne. Our Coconut has had that off and on since she was a kitten. The black hairs on other parts of his body may also be acne related. You should ask your vet for suggestions on treatment, but I've found that as long as the acne areas do not get infected, it's not something to be overly concerned about. Keep food and water bowls really clean to lessen the impact and prevent spread to other kitties.

You really should not pick at the acne under the chin, as this could promote infection. Also, do not use human acne medication under any circumstances. Your vet can give you a disinfecting soap that you can wash kitty's chin with once or twice a day until the acne goes away.

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