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Prayers for A Local Soldier

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One of my husbands soldiers was in a serious car accident the other night. On his way back to post from Nashville, at 4:30 am, a soldier that my husband works with fell asleep at the wheel. From what the police report says, the soldiers foot pressed down on the gas, bringing him to speeds over 100mph. The vehicle went into a guard rail sideways. The guard rail went through the drivers door and severed the soldiers legs. The supports from the rails ejected the drivers seat from the vehicle, completely removing the soldiers legs.

He is currently in the hospital in a drug enduced coma, unaware of his situation. His family arrived yesterday. Please pray that he recovers well physically as well as emotionally. He was young and heading places with his carreer. He was an amazing soldier. Thank you all.
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Beth thats awful and i hope he makes a full recovery soon.

Something very similar happend when my friend and neighbour was out in Kosovo a few months back. They were just one week from coming back home to the UK after being out there for 6 months, when the driver of the landrover in front lost his steering and overturned the vehicle.

They all stopped and went running to help him but it was to late for him and his head was severed
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OH Susan!! That is terrible!!!

Hubby and I were talking a little while ago about what happened and he and I find it odd that his unit has been to Iraq twice and no one from his unit had been killed over seas but since being home 4 have died in car related accidents. I don't mean to say its funny like a ha ha way but just ironic.
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Oh dear! That sounds terrible... will keep his family and him in my thoughts
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We are praying for him and his family. What sadness to learn of this. May something bright and good come from such trauma.
Elizabeth and Eric (USMC 1995-1999)
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He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers~
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers~
Absolutely mine too Beth... ...
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Beth, I'm sorry to hear that, he is in my prayers.
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I am sorry to hear that an American hero is in such a difficult situation! How heartbreaking for his family and co-workers.
My prayers are with him for physical healing, and for peace of mind as he fights the uphill battle of learning to live without legs.

Please let us at CatSite know if we can do anything to help as he begins to heal-send cards, etc.
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