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Vegetable broth?

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I've looked around a bit but can't find what to actually put in a vegetable broth for kitties' diarrhea?
I'm sure there must be some veggies that are a defenite no-no? Are carrots good? I'm guessing potatoes?
I'm bringing a sample to the vets tonight...it's been going on for too long even with the special vet food...
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I have heard that garlic is bad for cats. Let us know what your vets suggests. Good luck with your furbaby
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Thanks! I know garlic and onions are bad...so are tomatoes of course...
But is this suppossed to be boiled veggies or raw juice?
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This is new to me...have you been advised to feed your kitty vegetable broth to help with diarhea? I can not imagine why (but goodness knows I am always learning something new, so will be interested to follow this thread.)

In terms of checking for food allergies, you go for a food with a single protein and single carb source (i.e. the prescription line of foods by IVD, which are for example, Duck and Green Peas, Rabbit and Green Peas etc.)

Glad you are getting another stool sample in, hope you have a firm diagnosis and course of tx. soon (if you do not yet have a firm diagnosis) or that there is a med that can be prescribed to get this stopped.

One thing to ask your vet about when all this settles down, use of a product called Bene-bac or a similar product (there are at least 2 of this type on the market) (or use plain yogurt with active live cultures) as with any prolonged diarrhea, I believe you have to recolonize the gut with good bacteria.
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