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Caution! Cuteness ahead...

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Not my kitty, this was one of Iwon.com's Pet Photo of the day and I couldn't resist posting it.

Katie, 2 months old (as described by the owners)

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Ok, now I don't need sugar for my tea - it also covered my sweetness cravings for the day! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh - I wanna cuddle him/her
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what a little cutie
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Now that is just too cute What a little darling

Chee & Breeze
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Awwwww little wittle baby!
Thanks Bill

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Uh Oh...KittyMunch alert!

Look at those lil pink toes! If I wash 'em can I just have a little nibble ... please???
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I could melt.
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That is Hallmark cute! I have such a soft spot for a little red tabby. Such little soft pink kitten paws!!! When and where is the next F.O.A meeting?!
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too cute!
I love babies....
thanks for sharing, bill
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I want to pick her/him up for a cuddle!!!!!!
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Such a serious little face and those big, big eyes and round fuzzy belly. Ooo, he'd be picked up for sure in our house and cuddled to a cheek!
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What a sweetie-pie!!

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Oh Bill, that kitty you posted looks EXACTLY like my new kitty, Milo, except Milo's fur is a little longer!!! What a doll! Thanks for posting it for us!!!
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