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Stinky situation

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I read both the above threads but still don't seem to find any cases quite like mine to help answer some questions. My cat Dingleberry is 2 years old, he is not neutered, and he constantly pees on mine and my boyfriend's bed in the exact same place (boyfriend's side). I have repeatedly and thoroughly cleaned the area with enzymatic cleaner but, despite getting rid of most of the smell, there's nothing I can do to totally rid the bed of urine short of buying a new one, and I don't have the finances to do that. Despite all our efforts to keep him out of the bedroom (closing doors, chasing him out), he manages to get in somehow and do it. I don't know if he's spraying or not, I haven't caught him in the act. What's worse is I can't get him to see a vet. Even if I manage to get him to the vet, he puts up such a fuss that the vet will send him home until he's calmed down, which will start the cycle all over again. The only other animal in the house is our one-year-old dog (who also has bathroom problems but of an entirely different sort), and this started before we got the dog, although I'm not ruling anything out. Please help! He's driving us nuts and I can't sleep on the floor anymore!
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Hi, welcome to TCS!It's so important that Dingleberry be examined by a Vet, rule out any health problems, receive his vaccines, and be neutered! There are natural methods to help him during his trip such as Feliway and Rescue Remedy. It is also possible that your Vet could prescribe a mild sedative that you could give him prior to your appt. If your current Vet is not willing to work with you, please find one who is.
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I agree with Dawnofsierra, your cat most definately needs to go to the vet. I would recommend getting both products Dawnofsierra mentioned....Feliway and Rescue Remedy(RR). RR is a liquid calming essence that will almost instantly cause a frightened or anxious animal (including human animals) to mellow out. The fastest way to administer RR is to place 3-4 drops on the tongue, but you and also mix the drops in about a teaspoon of your cat's favorate canned food or mixed in with a little tuna water. Do this about 20 minutes before leaving to go to the vet. In the meantime, spray the inside of the carrier with a squirt or two of Feliway. Give it enough time to evaporate before putting the cat inside. Between the two of these, your cat will probably be more cooperative and less scared than in the past.

I do want to mention that I have never heard of a vet sending home a frightened cat without it first being examined. You might consider talking to a different vet in advance to see whether he/she can handle a cat who freaks out at the vet and go to the vet who says yes!

Finally, once your cat is neutered, a lot of his problems will probably go away or decrease dramatically!

Good luck!
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I would get him neutered and these problems will likely lessen a great deal, if not dissapear completely.
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Thanks, glad you guys are here! Maybe the Rescue Remedy stuff will work to calm him down. He refuses to be stuck with needles and will literally run away from the vet no matter how many techs are around. He once had heatstroke and it was all the emergency animal clinic could do to get him to sit in a cage. He wouldn't drink or eat anything, and every time they tried to get him to stay still to inject fluids, he would magically get away and be on the loose for several minutes at a time. He's a terror.
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Do you have a vet in the area that could come to your house? It might be easier on everyone. I would have the vet run some tests on his urine...maybe something is wrong with the kidneys or bladder? Otherwise, simply neutering him should clear things up. I know what its like to have cats pee on the bed. I keep a thick matress cover on mine that can be thrown in the wash, and I use oxyclean if any gets on the matress.
But believe me, I know how annoying it can be to constantly change the sheets and clean up the mess....especially when your dog tired! I feel for ya!!!
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