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Warming device

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Both my liters of kittens are doing well but I am worried about them getting a chill. Both mommas tend to sleep away from the nest at night. I thought I read somewhere about rice bags or something to keep them warm?
Any help is greatly appriciated
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I use a bag of rice. Heat it in the microwave until it is pretty warm to the touch but be sure to put a towel over it before you put it where the kittens are. I think they make packs specifically for this purpose but it is probably expensive. If you can get one from a pet store that would be ideal but the rice pack should be fine.

It's not a good idea to use a heat pad because it might get to hot. If you use one though, just be sure to check it often and preferably use one where you can control the temperature, like, low-medium-high heat and put it on low. It may not feel to warm when you touch it but the kittens will be laying against it for a good length of time and it will get warm to them, their skin is more sensitive. Make sure they can move off of it if they need to.
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We use a snuggle safe, and it's been a hit here.

The older cats push each other off of it when we put it out in the winter months.
You should be able to google it.
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I have a heated pad for my hairless babies. It plugs into an electrical outlet and has a fake sheep skin cover, my Sphynx love it! You can put it into a cat bed or use it by itself. They sell them at any major Pet Store or on line.
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You can use uncooked rice stuffed in a thick sock, tied at the ends and nuked for 30 seconds. This gives off a slow comfort heat that kittens like that will not burn them.
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