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Is your cat fat or skinny? (Let's quantify!)

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Let's try to quantify the weight of our cats by using this chart:

Pick the number that best describes the weight of your cat(s). Use multiple answers if you have more than one cat.

I'll start it off. Nano is a 6!
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Binky is a 4 and Burt is a 7. Now if Burt could just give Binky 1-2 pounds they'd both be just right.
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Lightning I think is a 5.
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Both Buffy and Willow are a 5. I can feel their ribs without a problem, but they aren't underweight. They're pretty much at the right weight, though I have suspicions that Buffy'll gain a few pounds within the next year, lol
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kandie is thin.3.5. used to be 13-14lbs when young , now is just shy of ten which was a 2 lbs gain she has kidney trouble... Zoey is young and hyperactive and underwt about a 4
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Our 4 adult cats are svelt and athletic, our 10 month old is athletically built as well, but pot bellied as she is recovering from a recent litter and her spay.

The 3 males, all neutered are of an average frame the largest is 12 pounds, the smallest is 9 pounds.

The female is small and petite, and weighs 7 pounds soaking wet.

Sorry, I suppose they'd be a 5 by that chart, but that chart is much like the standardized BMI charts, no much room for differences is frame type, or breed standards (for those of us with pedigree cats).
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I took all 3 of them for a check-up last Friday. According to their vet, they're all at an ideal/healthy weight for their frame.
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I don't get this, according to that, three of my cats are grossly obese?? they ARE NOT obese, they are 12-16 lbs, only one has a fat sac and he weighs 14 lbs.. but he isn;t grossly obese.. I can still feel his ribs when i palpate and all those sorts of things.
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Gibby is Ideal , so for him I gave a 5. Molly and Paige were overweight, however, now that we have a bigger place with a nice circuit to run, as well as a porch, they have lost some weight They still have the spay sway, but I suspect that's all skin anymore.
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Ive got about a 4.5 and a 5.5 Elliot isnt as fat as the 6 because he's been losign wieght (When I pet him I can feel hsi backbone and ribs better now, and his body is all muscly woo:P) an aerowyn was a 4 about 2 weeks ago but she has put on maybe a pound which is good. Aerowyn weighs five lbs and Elliot wieghs 15 :P though Elliot is an orange cat which are a bit bigger, and Aerowyn is a little black female who was the runt of the litter :P I think that no matter what his wieght though he'll alwaysw have those funny flappy belly things on him :P If he were a female he would probably be called pregnant :P but hes not so yeah :P Its fun to poke them but he gets angry xD

*reads above post* Oh so a "spay sway" or a "neuter sway" for my boy :P I always wondered what that was :P but yeah he is only skin too there no fat :P I think ill take them outside to play for a while if my allergies are better :O Elliot always gets a bit extra exercise when we go outside, because no matter how well I watch him, he always gets out of his harness when it is time to go inside, though usually he will just gallop back to teh backyard with his tail and furr all rufflfed and then roll around in the dirt, an dthen gallop away gain when I come near. And after Ive got him in his spot in the back of the backyard he'll take off liek a little rocket with his tail all puffed up and run up to the porch :P
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Mine range from thin (1 of them) to obese (1 of them). The thin one gets extra canned food each night. The obese one gets extra play time and is actually starting to thin out a bit. It's hard to keep everyone ideal with a household full!
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Thanks for all votes and replies.

Right now the average is about 5.25...hmmm! *glances over at Nano*
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ok, right now i have one cat who is at her ideal weight, one elderly cat who is just slightly thinner than her vet and i would like, but she is 18yrs old, so he said its pretty normal for her age
she gets to eat when ever she wants and i do give her kitten food, as her kidneys are ok and can tolerate the extra protein

and then i have one who is *fat*
i would guess she'd be a 7? she gained the weight very fast, i didn't even notice it happening til she was looking more like a football than a cat

she is on a diet now, no or very little dry food (her drug of choice LOL) and two good meals of canned food
if she begs for food i will give her a bit more canned, but she generally won't eat it, she wants the dry.
i am only giving her a little at night to wean her off of it, and because i can't bear to throw out good food

in a couple of weeks my grandkitties will be here, and they are used to dry food, so i imagine the dry food will get eaten up fast and then they can all eat the canned
(the grandkitties will be here for a month)

i would like to know, if anyone knows this, how to go about putting a cat on a diet?
the vet did not really have any good suggestions, he said she not lose too fast, but how do i know if that is happening?
she is my timid girl and she does not allow me to pick her up yet, so weighing her is a problem (i do have a vet scale tho)

it looks to me like she may have already lost a little, so i wonder if that means she is losing too fast, she has only been on the diet about a month/

anyone know?

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Well Loki is the heaviest cat in the house at 11.2lbs, hes slightly overweight like a half of a pound. hes been eating kitten food the little devil..we are trying to keep him out of it and keep threatening to put him on diet food, lol

My girls, are all very petite girls.

jellie is 7lbs
bellie 6.5
and Duthcy is the petitest of them all at 5lbs..but the vet says they are all just perfect
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Pixel's a 6, Cable's a 5 & poor Java is still a 3 - but she eats like a little kitty-pig, so that won't last long!
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Mistoflees is a 5. I'm guessing that "spay sway" is extra skin under the belly right? He does have that, but I can feel his ribs.

Sneaky is somewhere around a 7/8. When I took her to the vets a couple of weeks ago due to her skin allergies, she had lost 1 lb. The vet said she was "pear shaped" but didn't say that she was too overweight
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Mr. Buttjuice is 20 pounds built like a sherman tank, I have tried diets but all have failed and exercise if you count running to the food bowl and sleeping well then he gets plenty.
He is my tubby Don Juan..
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two of mine are ideal and the other one is heavy
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All of my kitties are 5 - at the ideal apart from my four 5 week old kittens they are 4!
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Saba is a 5 but we trhink most of it is fur. LOL. Sasha is a 7-7.5 but he's solid muscle and really in great shape, so in some ways he's a 5 too! He's just 21 lbs.
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