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Eating Problem

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Need advice--my sammy(Manx) has always been a good eater. He won't eat dry food but always has eaten wet no matter what i put in front of him--Now all of a sudden, he is turning his nose up at anything I put in front of him--almost playing hard to get--He'll snif at it, turn around, look at me, and saunder away. He is perfectly healthly and playful and alert. I usually feed him twice a day since he wont eat dry food. after i get home from work we go through the same scenario,only this time he will eat some of it....look at me and sander away again..I am so annoyed with him right now...any suggestions or thoughts...HELP!!!

i really should have put this thread under behavior because there is nothing wrong with Sammy healthwise. He is running up and down the hallway as i type...

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It sounds to me either he is getting bored with his food, or he is trying to tell you he is not feeling well. I would try getting a different brand or flavor. Then if he still does this, I would let your vet know and see what he or she thinks.
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I would also consult a vet - sometimes loss of apetite is the only indication that something is wrong. You say that he does eat a bit - can you tell how much? Is he losing weight as well? Also, how old is he and for how long has he had this behavior?

You could try giving something really yummy - like the cat delicacies that come in the small cans. If he doesn't like that, he definitely needs to see the vet.
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Ann-i should have put this under behavior as that is what it is. I gave him a can of something new and he ate it but tomorrow he'll turn his nose up....its really a game with him. I believe it has to do with my repremanding him when he bothers Tess. After trying many things to discourage him, i finally put him in a room all day by himself and he is mad at me big time...he is quite a character..never had a cat quite like him..something new everyday. If i ever take the time to learn how to post a picture, he will be the first one i do..he is really a clown sometimes and other times i could ring his neck.
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