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How much are those kitties in the window...

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Enjoying some fresh air?...Very much!!!
It looks a bit fuzzy because of the window screen in front of them.

Spyder and Chuckie

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GORGEOUS babies!!!!!!
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Awww, look at them, they're sooo cute!!
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Oh look at thier eyes! They are so adorable!!
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Awww, thanks guys!!
Chuckie sends back purrs and headbutts to his Auntie Chris!
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Absolutely Fantastastic Diane!!!! aaaawwww the fresh air and the birdies outside!!!.....
Did you figured make a paint of your furbabies in that pose??? ...
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Chuckie looks like a Maine Coone I want

Gorgeous furbabies
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Originally Posted by Wenzee
GORGEOUS babies!!!!!!
My thoughts exactly
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Awww, they look so cute!
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They look like they are hatching out evil plans. "now pretend your watching the birds, ok good, now next time mom starts dinner, you fall off the couch and take off crying, I am going to jump on the counter and get us a meat ball. "
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Fantastic composition in that shot Yep! They do look very happy staring out the window like that.

Tell them that The Sammycat and Oscar are jealous cause they don't have screens on their windows yet in order to be able to do that
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The screen makes a lovely effect for the picture! Lovely kitties too!
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What a beautiful pair! Isn't it nice to see two little faces at the window, waiting for you to come in?
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you go gal
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Awwww....gorgeous babies!
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Hee, hee....they are both so cute! Chuckie ROCKS!
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