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As requested... Some pics of my trio

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I've been asked by a few people when I was going to post some more pics of my kitties. So here you go.... Enjoy!!

Checking out what's going on in the kitchen:

It's not easy being the youngest

Pssst Piper, let's go chase after Chester

They sure do love each other

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How cuuuuute!!
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And some more...

Mummy's little daredevil

You're getting sleepy...


Peek-a-boo, I see you

I'll get you yet!

My little girl is all grown up

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Woooo ! It's the CPA group Thanks so much for posting Linda Great pics as usual! I love the one where they are all on the sill looking out and then Ariel telling Piper a secret
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Thanks Chris!

I like that, the CPA group!! I'm glad you enjoyed them. I know it's been a long time coming!
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CPA group! Love that Chris! Awww Linda, they are just so precious! I loved themall! Thanks so much for posting them. Any time you have more, share please!!!
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awww I love them all!! Your cats are so bootiful!! I LOVE the first photo with them all on the stairs, how cute!
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Linda, you have a lovely trio!!! Great pics, thanks for sharing!
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awww...they are all soo precious!!I noticed your all white one looks like a I seeing this right??? what beautiful kitties you have!!!!! thanks for posting!
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I LOVE the first one!
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They are all so adorable!
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Awwww. What cuties!! Love the first one too.
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very nice pics

I think Piper could make it big in the movies as a stunt cat
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They're gorgeous, Linda! Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
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Linda they were just brilliant!!!

That first one should be in caption this And they looked so sweet napping on the bed

I can't even pick a favourite because they were all cutie pies!
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I love that first shot!!

you have adorable furbabies!!
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Awww Linda, your babies are adorable. No wonder Pitufo loves Piper, he's my little daredevil too. I love the pic of Chester & Ariel sleeping together.
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aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww Linda ! the firts one pic deserve a Price!!! is absolutely fantastic!!!
and Ariel is a really sweet candie!!
Of course Chester & Piper are soo such beautifuls too!!!
Thanks for share Linda!
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Man, your three look like they would be great nap buddies! Where's my pillow at?! It's nap time!! They are sooo adorable!!
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Thanks so much everyone! The CPA group send you their love. We're glad you enjoyed the pics!
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Every one of them made me smile! I loved the first one, whoever said it should be in caption this is SO right!

I loved the one with everyone trying to see out the window!

Your getting sleepy made me giggle! Please keep them coming, i would gladly look at every picture you take of your crew. They are so funny.
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thankyou for sending me this link Linda - I would hate to have missed it. I just LOVE all of the photos!! awwwwww they are all so beautiful and yes your little girl is all grown up!!
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Thank you for all the lovely pictures there! That first one is really clever! The trio look so happy and comfortable together!
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