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My new Devon Rex baby...

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This is Valentino my new Devon Rex baby (hope it's ok to post a pic of him here). Here he is at four months old. Now we have 2 Devons. He is such a sweetie, what a great breed the Devon is to own.

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Let me try again...

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absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for sharing---and PLEASE post more pics soon!!!

are both his eyes blue? it almost looks like his left (our right) eye is dark...? What a pretty boy!!!
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He is odd eyed, his right is blue and his left is greenish/golden which will most likely turn gold as he matures. Here is another where you can see his eyes better

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Oh he's very handson
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He is absolutely beautiful.
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I've always been a sucker for white cats, he is gorgeous!!!!
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OH MY!!! An even cuter picture!!! I love him!!!
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Congratulations, he's gorgeous... I LOVE odd eyed cats!
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[color=Magenta]I'm jealous !!!
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I absolutely love DR's...He's gorgeous!
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He's beautyful He'll have the cat ladies knocking at the door in no time
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