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Wow - where did the month of November get to? Tomorrow is December and no snow yet. That happens to please me - never turned into one of those snow bunnies.

I hope that eveyone has a good weekend planned. They always wiz by soooo quickly.

There were a lot of new members on the board this week and that is always nice to see and some members (not mentioning any names) got older too! ]
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Happy Friday to all of you! Hope everyone here has a great weekend, its DECEMBER, and only a few weeks till Christmas!!!!!!!!!
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How could you live in upstate NY and not enjoy snow?!

Yep, December already...before you know it, it will be Easter!

Have yourself a great weekend, too!

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In our area, snow is frowned upon big time My community is a fishing community and snow makes it difficult for the fishermen to get out on the water to do their jobs. It cools the water down a lot and the lobsters all hide away to keep warm instead of crawling into the lobster traps. No losters affects our local economy. Most people would like to see snow on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and then not again until next Christmas Eve Thankfully my hubby isn't a fisherman, so I can enjoy the snow, secretly
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Yes, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! I didn't get much rest over the weekend with everything that was going on and I have been fighting to stay awake on my drives into work in the morning. I plan on sleeping in really late Saturday. The heat hasn't been working in the house so I've just been sleeping with the electric blanket (we also have a fireplace). The cold snaps we have here are so short lived we aren't going to look into getting it fixed until the next one we have. Hubby can't figure out what's wrong - the pilot won't light so he thinks one of the lines might be blocked. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!
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Bill - I loved in Buffalo for 5 years! Therefore.......I HATE SMOW! HAHAHA
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Yay! It's Friday!

I SHOULD spend the weekend studying. That means I'll study for an hour Saturday, look out the window, decide I REALLY should go skiing (don't want to let the nice fresh powder go to waste!), and not come home until Sunday night!!

I ALSO got some really interesting news today - one of the magazine writers decided to put my name in an upcoming article! My boss wasn't sure if there's going to be a picture also, but we know I'll be mentioned in some way for participating in the first ever Women's Rock Crawling Championships! (This entails driving a Jeep or comparable vehicle over really big rocks for those of you that have never heard of it.)


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Last year I was working for a company that moved me to Cincinnati (ok, actually Northern Kentucky). It SNOWED!

I am a native Floridian and lived in the South all my life. Everyone kept saying how it really seemed like Christmas 'cos of the snow and the cold. But Christmas to me meant a new surfboard or catamaran and everybody headed to the beach after dinner to walk off the food and hunt shells.

When I moved to Cincinnati (refered to by me as "the bad place") I stayed miserable. The only good thing that came out of all that is my Rose who I adopted there.

Christmas morning my friend from Texas and I were standing at my sliding glass door looking out at the back of my apartments. We saw all these little tire tracks in the snow and we were discussing over whether one of my neighbors had gotten a big tv or something and they had used one of those little trucks to get it to the door. We were laughing because it looked like they kept having to back up and down the hill, wondering what doofus couldn't drive when my friend from Chicago walked up behind us, took one look at the tracks in the snow and said "Kids get sleds for Christmas"...

boy did we feel dumb.

If you're interested I wrote down some thoughts...

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That was beautiful! Do you publish? I can see Yankee magazine wanting that one
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thank you...
and gosh no... those are just what I call my scribblings...
I hear things in my head and have to write them down.
But I do thank you for your kind words... it was a loooonnnggg winter
glad to be back home in Atlanta where if it snows we close down and everybody stays home!

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this is my favorite part of the weekend. It's friday night, and the whole weekend is ahead of me. I'm relaxing and watching Frosty the snowman, and the pizza is on it's way so no cooking!

I friday nights!
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Thanks for the reminder, AP! I was planning on watching Frosty, but didn't know when it was going to come on!
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Originally posted by debra myers

There were a lot of new members on the board this week and that is always nice to see and some members (not mentioning any names) got older too! ]
Yes, it's great to see the weekend and not mentioning any names, but Deb your birthday's gonna be rollin' in here soon enough

"Gonna be rollin round soon...Gonna be rollin round soon (sung to "na na na na na na) :laughing2
PS It's so cool that we have so many new members! Ahhh, a new ray of sunlight!
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If you're interested I wrote down some thoughts...

http://www.angelfire.com/ga2/hedgewy...rdaytoday.html [/b]

I can't believe what I just read. Your writing ability is outstanding. I would hope that you find a good publisher, because your talent is a major gift! Thanks for sharing those incredible works of art. I read all of them and to be honest, I thought "Reflections" was one of the best poems I've read bar none; however, I would just have to say you've left me speechless. God Bless YOU!
Love & Peace,
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Was very busy today..worked part of the day at the Medical College..transfered a truck title...paid off my car loan. And then went to the teenage son's JV basketball game (they lost 65-31)
My asthma has been acting up, the last month, ever since I caught a cold...I wish it would just go away!!!

Oh well, everybody is in a good mood at my house...including the cats, so every cloud has a silver lining.
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