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another virus?

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On my other email address (not the one I use for here), I have received 2 viruses! Luckily, I never opened them ..... they went straight to the trash box & deleted for good. The subject is usually entitled RE: The attachemts are listed as a .dat file & also a text attachment. Is this that nasty virus going around? I don't have a virus protector right now since installing XP.
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That the name of the virus and yes it is going around big time! I have the latest Norton Antiviurs on my computer and thankfully it catches it every time. So far in the past few days I have recieved that virus 14 times in my email. All from different sources. It is starting to get rather old. Would love to catch someone that does this kind of thing.

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Yeah, that really sucks Tigger! I had the same thing happen to me, but since then, I installed Norton...I love this software and it does it's job superbly!

Good luck hon...I'd hate to see you stuck wtih that!

Love & Peace,
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Viruses really suck. Don't these people who create them have anything better to do with their time??????

I got the badtrans virus, and it took me forever to finally get rid of it.

Makes me mad that people who don't even know us, would want to wipe out our computers, just for the sheer "fun" of it.
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I installed Norton, and it detected a "love" virus. So, I deleted it.
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Awesome news! It's a great anti-virus and I personally like it cause the update is automatic.

Glad to see it's all better now

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Good timing Tigger!
I had S.O. install Norton two nights ago and found three viruses the next am. and tonight I got another one! that one that debby got but Norton caught it and deleted it automatically. The other ones I got were the those worm thingys and thankully they were Trashed too!
I don't understand what fun people could get from crashing other peoples computers either. It's not like they are national news or anything, I guess they have WAY to much time and need to put their efforts into doing something a little more constructive!
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I think the last time someone sent me a virus, I sent it back to them! :LOL:
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No kidding! The last virus I got, we treated with antibiotics.

Norton is very good. But most viruses are written for wintel machines, and I use a mac. Probably 98% of stuff doesn't affect me.

Think different!
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Yes the W3Badtrans.B virus is hard to get rid of. Nothing to joke about for sure!!!!! My Norton program has caught about 15 viruses sent to me over the past month. Norton is well worth the money! Another thing is that people that dont have a virus protection program on their computer may and do un-knowingly pass it on to others. That is how they get so wide spread. I think it is rather irresponsible not to have a virus protection on your computer.


PS..one of these days I will learn to spell and not have to edit things so often..
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