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i have a question ......................

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what is the oldest cat you've owned or what is the oldest that someone you know has owned ???
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We had a cat that lived to be 22. Her name was Toby. She lived 6 years with feline diabetes but cancer was what got her. She was such a queen.
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Our clinic cat will be 23 in October.
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I had a Seal Point Siamese girl who lived to be 18 - she was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 12 and developed cancer at 16. We still miss her now, nearly 2 years later.
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My cutie pie Patrick is turing 18 this month and will be the first cat I've owned (and I've had cats since I was 2 1/2 - I'm almost 50 now) to do so. He's had crf for the last 3 years, and also now has hyperthyroidism, but he is doing well overall. (at the moment, he's stolen my easy chair, is grooming himself post a snack of canned cat food).
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Kandie will be 17 next month but my earliest cat was nearly 19
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The sealpoint siamese that raised me was 19.
The first cat I owned as an adult was diagnosed with a sarcoma at 12, and made it to his 13th birthday.
My fiance's sealpoint recently passed and he was 19.
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The oldest cat we've had was Io who died at 13 (in her sleep on my bed). Her mother, Astrid, made it to 12 years.
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17 years for my first cat that I had out of my parents house.
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Tess was 22, best we wager (pound kitty, true birthday unk). We got her in May 1981, she died April 2003.

Her vet said age 25 was getting more and more common, 22 wasnt as impressive as we thought it was.

The longer they live though, the more painful the passing is IMO.
The cat before was 15, and it didnt hurt on the same level, although I loved him dearly.
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