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i've read the article http://www.thecatsite.com/Cats/Cat_B...s_to_Dogs.html

but would be interested in what other people think a proper introduction is.

at the moment they cant be around each other as the puppy hasnt learnt not to run up to the or to try to initiate play. they can see each other through a baby gate, through the banisters on the stairs and from up high when supervised.

how can i stop the puppy running up to and after the cats?
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As for the collar, we put a collar on the puppies immediately (8 weeks). When we took them out, it was always on a leash as 1) they need to get used to a leash and 2) you can start the education process earlier. The puppy trainer we went to strongly suggested that even if you have a fenced yard, use a leash so that they get used to directing their attention towards you. If they are running free you lose control of them. If they don't have a collar, a leash is impossible.

I had a very difficult time with Sam chasing the cats when we first brought him home. He had 10 littermates and was used to romping and playing with them. He comes here, sees 12 cats and feels right at home. Puppies simply need to be reminded over and over and over and over again what is right and wrong. They eventually get it, but not without a lot of frustration in the meantime. The higher the energy level of the breed, the more difficult it can be. But again, a border collie is a working dog and is bred to please their master. Our BC mix became the best behaved (of the 5 dogs we had) with our cats once he got past his puppyhood. For chasing cats, consistent redirection to his toys every time he chases them. Our puppies were kept primarily in the kitchen and we spent a LOT of time in there for the first 6 months. As tiring as it is, constant supervision is important when they are that young.
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he is very good and a quick learner. i cant beleive i even like him, i'm not a 'dog peron' at all! lol.

he is very desperate to please. when maverick hissed at him he cried for ages as it was the first time he realsied the worlds not his friend

he is just so desperate to play and love them but they are not having any of it. if he wanted to hurt them he would have had ample oppotunity to try. when he got the cat cornered (grrrrr i was so mad at my dad for letting the dog and cats out together ) he gave her a lick and she swiped his nose.

I guess i'm just trying to reassure myself that this will all work out ok. but it is very frustrating.
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well i spent two days solid traning snoop not to chase the cats.(i can only train the puppy when my brothers out as he doesnt want his dog trained. he's just being a brat because his dog prefers women over men so gets jealous if me, mum or sister spends time with it)

i thought i had got it (how naive, lol) as i had trained him to sit whenever her saw the cats and not give chase. it had got to the stage where they could spend time together in the same rooms, sniff each other and walk past each other without a cat hissing at the puppy or the puppy trying to play with them. they seemed to be getting on quite well though i wouldnt leave them alone together yet.

then today when i was in the kitchen making breakfast Maverick jumped the stairgate blocking off upstairs and followed me into the kitchen. unfortunatly i didnt notice her but the puppy did, ran over to play then chased her through the house. grrrrrr!!

so the puppy knows do not chase the cats whilst i'm watching him not do not chase the cats full stop!

back to the drawing board....
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Patience patience patience!! This will go on for a long time until the puppy has attained a lot of self control. He's a baby right now and it can be months before things have normalized for you.

My puppy trainer's advice: With puppies it's 2 steps forward and 1 step back for a while. Be totally consistent and don't give them the opportunity to develop bad habits. Don't let them out of your site and kennel them when you can't supervise them.
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