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my kitten is 4 months old and 5lbs., he only eats 1/4 of a cup of nutro dry kibbles in a day and no interest so far in can food, he's checked for parasites and seems healthy and plays hard, is this normal? i free feed.
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Some cats just don't like can food. He could just be a picky eater. I used to have a cat that didn't like can food, just dry food. He was free fed and very active. Just monitor the food intake and if it seems to decrease, maybe take him to the vet.
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he was checked several times already and done fecal twice in two weeks and nothing, but i'm watching him closely.
btw, is fancy feast can food a good product to feed daily along with dry? i red most cats really like it.
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It sounds like he's healthy, I wouldn't worry too much unless he starts showing signs that he's not well. Fancy Feast is pretty good, but he may just not like the taste. There are so many different choices for canned food. Possibly try some food specifically made for kittens. Buy a can of a few different kinds of moist food and see which one he likes.
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My kitten, Izzie, was very slow to gain weight. I had tried to supplement with canned/wet food, but she wasn't very enthused over it. When she was about 7 months old, she still only weighed about 5 lbs. Then within a month's time, she had a serious growth spurt and gained 2 lbs!! I don't know if it was genetics kicking in or if she was eating more food (dry). As long as you've had your kitten to the vet and kitten is otherwise healthy, I wouldn't worry too much.
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thanks guys, maybe he's just a slow grower, hopefully he'll have that growth spurt one day, i just want to add one can food for a variety.
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Hi Hunter, is your kitten maintaining weight and/or gaining a bit? I would not worry too much so long as everything else seems good - normal poos and pees, good energy level, good coat condition (shiny, no dandruff, no pulling fur out).

I know you've read a lot of the discussions here on canned cat food, Fancy Feast does have a few that are excellent - w/out by-products, colorings or soy and wheat - I think just the seafood in aspic varieties, the others vary from decent to atrocious (imho)...just check the labels. The nice thing about Fancy Feast is the incredible variety of textures and flavor combos.

Other canned foods to consider - Petco's petgold seafood blends (if your kitten likes seafood), Petguard, Felidae, Active Life, Innova to name just some.

It will take some trial and error to find out if your kitten likes beef or poultry, or fish, with or without gravy, and which texture...with a kitten, I'd probably try a ground/pate texture first. Later, there are diced, minced, shredded and chunked to try
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since i got him almost two months ago he suffered from loose poop and given anti-biotic on two seperate occasions, still gained 2 lbs., the thing is when he had loose poop he loves wet food but now he's cured he doesn't like it, i don't get it, anyway, i need to get a scale to monitor his progress and will try the recommended can food products, thanks
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