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Long time, no see

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hello everyone!!
It has been along time since I was on the boards...3+months. My kids are doing fine, my son just got his driver's license, 2 weeks ago. I am on a waiting list to get a purebred Siamese...The breeder has a Queen due in a few days...and will let me know if my sealy girl has arrived... bless her litte furry heart!!!
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I don't know you, I guess I was arriving about the time you were leaving. But . . .

Congratulations to your son! Drivers' license is a big deal.

Were you specifically looking for a sealpoint female? Or is that just what you expect based on the breeding pair?
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The breeder is located in Wisconsin and she has used this breeding pair before and has got seal pt. kittens as a result before...also blue pt as the Queen is a beautiful wedgie blue pt.

I have three indoor only cats...Two Black DSH and one black and white (whose mother was a tortie pt. siamese)
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Hi Debby,

Glad to see you're doing well. Hope you post a pic of your new kitty when you get him/her....I love Siamese Cats!

Love & Peace,
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Debbie A - nice to see you again. Hope you don't go away again! We need to reinforce the Debbie club around here!
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Hi Debbie!

Since I last saw you, my black and white tux Cagney had a litter, and Rudy was a result of that "unplanned pregnancy"...yes, she and Lily are getting spayed Tues!
You can find his (Rudy's) pic in a thread called Rudy Tootie Fresh and Fruity...he's no purebred, but I think he's darling!

I wish you luck in getting your Sealpoint, they're beautiful cats!
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Debbie! I wondered where you were!!! Sounds like everything is going well with you! Glad you are back!!
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Thanks for the warm welcome back!!! I really didn't think I would have been missed...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
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