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Just wanted to introduce myself.... I'm Katy and am presently serving 4 felines of various ancestry and age. They are Branwyn, Rosemary, Arthur and Misha. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with forums but they seem to be on the same page as the old bbs, no?

Well, didn't want to be a lurker... glad to find a place where I won't get weird looks when my favorite topic is Arthur's latest escapade and Bran's allergies....
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Welcome to The Cat Site!!!
You have come to the right place, we are all crazy about our cats here!!!
Enjoy yourself!!!
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Hi there!

Nice to have you join us here. Trust me, if you think that's weird, just stick around and you'll feel right at home with the rest of us kibby junkies! :LOL::laughing2 Please post some pics when you get a chance...we all love pics (oh, and we also have a members gallery too!

Have fun posting.

Love & Peace,
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Hi there and welcome to CS

As you can see I go by the name of Meme on here but my real name is Barbara (sometime refered to as Barb). I am owned by one kitty, a maine coon, and her name is Kiki Kat. She is spoiled rotten and my best friend (besides KF aka KittyFoot) Hope you enjoy it here as there are lots of nice kitty lovers on here.

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Is your name Katy Scarlett from Gone With the Wind? At least, I think that's what her father used to call her . . .
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Thanks for the kind welcomes! I didn't expect that so soon...lol
and pictures? you want pictures? A dangerous thing to say to an old lady with a digital camera and 4 cats.
And yes, Katyscarlette was the name of that woman in GWTW. I've lived in Atlanta since '71 and the film is pert near sacred here. Ya'll may not have noticed but I be Southern... as a matter of fact, I'm so Southern I'm related to myself.
And anyone who loves kitties is top notch in my book.
Be well
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Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!! Another kitty lover comes around!
Meow to you and yours.
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Welcome katyscarlette!

Always a pleasure to greet a new member, especially one who obviously adores her kittie so much and has so much enthusiasm!

You'll love it here, and I look forward to hearing your tales!
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Hey O'Hara! Welcome. I notice the reference immediately. One of my all-time favorite books and movies (and me a Yankee, too).
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You are sooooooooo funny !!! Welcome - everyone is just great here !!!
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Welcome welcome, you have come to the right place to meet other cat mad folk, you are going to love it here

Chee & Breeze
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I appreciate all the nice welcomes. I think I'm going to like it here. Thanks ever so much...

And a Yankee liking GWTW isn't odd. It was a great movie. I work in the city and every day pass through Margaret Mitchell Square across from where the old Lowes Grand used to stand. As a matter of fact, I remember it being there. They had pictures in the lobby of the premier of the movie here. And last week I found a small silver soldered dish from the old Henry Grady Hotel which is where Mr. Gable and Miss Leigh and all stayed when they were here. All that's gone now, but at least I moved here before it all went.

All of my cats are rescue kitties.... Bran was a stray who wandered starving up to my house (she's made up for it since then, bless her little tubby heart), Rose is from Ohio and is very small due to failure to thrive when she was born. Arthur came along in Feb, got him out of a garbage can where some monster had dropped him... I just happened to hear this tiny little sound when I was going in the store. He's not a year old yet but is HUGE! I hadn't had a male since my Jazz died 7 years ago this past October 5th. So I had forgotten the quirks that are associated with males (did I mention I was happily divorced for 21 years?) Then my son in law found Misha in a storm drain a couple of months ago. Misha came with a whole new set of quirks being Siamese (my Jazz was Siamese too as was Rajah).

Anyway it gets interesting around here, to say the least. And my babies are all different, all very loving (although Arthur and I do have the occassional disagreement over who's the boss... then I see the light and realize he is).

Yes, I love cats! The best saying I've heard though is
To a dog you're family
To a cat you're staff

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You are sooo funny! I have to tell ya though, I was teary eyed hearing about how you found those kitties, but thank God you gave them a such a loving home.

I have nine babies and you're right...it's so amazing that each and every one of them have distinct personalities...and yes, I'm owned by ALL of them (and I loooooooove it!

Glad to see you're such a kitty addict too!

Love & Peace,

PS I love that quote! :laughing2:LOL:
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Katy!!! Welcome to you and glad you have joined us!!
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