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Lazy kitty!!

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Now my Blossom is getting older (shes 15) she sleeps nearly all day!! She has been in bed all day today and only got up at 3:30pm to go outside, only to go back to sleep in the sun.
Heres some photos I took this morning, Shes actually buried under the quilt, i stuck the camera under and took some shots.
Share some photos of your lazy sleeping kittys!

These last 2 are a little older, taken last week

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Blossom is a beautiful senior kitty taking a well deserved cat nap. Sweet pictures.
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Blossum is beautiful, and those are some precious photos of her. I'm often jealous of how comfortable they look when they find these wonderful places to sleep and curl up. Cats are just experts at it
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She is beautiful!
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That sweet, BEAUTIFUL cat knows how to get comfy! LOVE IT!!!!
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awww..Blossom is so beautiful!!!! You can see my 3 lazy bums in my thread named "All 3 of them together"
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Oh she looks so cozy as well doesn't she!
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She's very beautiful, but looking at all those pics made me sleepy.

Love the pics.
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Lovely cat, great pics
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Originally Posted by Blossoms*Slave
These last 2 are a little older, taken last week

Bad Kitty bad kitty you´re soo lazy and you don´t help to Mommie with the House work!

Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Just kidding!!!
Since I see this pics I love it!!!
Is soooo cutie in this pose!!!
i want to lie next to him to rest too!!! ..
Thanks for share!!!
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Well its easy to see that all that beauty sleep has been paying off! I need to start working on it. Your baby has it down pat!
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Awww, Blossom is so beautiful. I love pictures of Siamese cats sleeping, they always put their feet in one central area it's so cute!

I can only hope my Siamese live to be that age
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