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Laser Lovin' Kitties!

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Got my kitties one of those laser pens at the pet store! They love it! I highly recommend it for a kitty stocking stuffer if you don't already own one Heres a pic of all my cats contemplating jumping up the fridge to get at the 'uncatchable red dot thingy'
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Nikki LOVES his laser pointer! We will spend hours playing with it, I am not sure though if its more fun for him, or me....LOL

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They look like they're discussing the best way to catch it. lol
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We play 'magic red light' almost every night! It was the best thing ever invented as far as I am concerned for kitty entertainment.
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Ps.just love the pic. You have some beautiful babes there Melissa!
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I was thinking about buying one of those pens...that pic sealed the deal!

What a great shot...you have a lovely family!
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Thanks for the compliments I sure do love my furbabies! Their second favorite game next to 'magic red light' is 'bed mice' we play that every night ( I always end up getting trampled by the kitties!)
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what a great photo! Count me in with cleo, I'm going to go get one!
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how adorable - I wish my Loki would not have figured out where the light came from and that
there was nothing tangable to catch after the first night!!! Sometimes they are just too smart
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What a wonderful photo

Breeze has got a lazer too, she loves it, and i think my husband loves it more (if that is possible) you should see the state of our shower curtain after a game of lazer chase

Chee & Breeze
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