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I LOVE this time of year......

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Aside from the commercialism of Christmas ( I can ignore that for the most part), I love Christmas time. The weather feels a little crisper, people just seem a bit quicker to give a smile, even if it is only a slight one, the lights, the smells, the look in my daughters eye's when she thinks about Santa, just the FEEL of the season....


Of course there is a Santa, just look at all the Moms & Dads, Aunts & Uncles, Grandma's & grandpa's, Brothers & Sisters, All your friends... that's where Santa is... in all of us..
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I know what you mean!

Tonight I was driving home and it started to snow. It was the greatest feeling - if I would have had the new Manheim Steamroller Christmas album with me I would have played it. I'm getting Christmas Spirit Fever really bad now... I'm going to have to get my tree up and buy presents to put under it and do a bunch of Christmas baking... I LOVE IT!!!!
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I too know the feeling except this year it is more special because I'll be with you guys this weekend. For the rest of you, I'm going to Connecticut in a few hours (via American Airlines) until Monday night and will be spending it with Ken, Sandy, Kylee (their daughter), Rene, Clint, Michele, my mom and the rest of the cat show people. I've been sooooooo excited that I've been packed for a week and before I left for work this morning, I had my luggage in the car. See you guys when I get back and Ken, I'll see you tomorrow.

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I also love this time of year. Especially in New England. It smells like Christmas!!! I could do without all the materialistic stuff and just enjoy the cold wind, the snow ( that will come ) and that Christmas feeling!! I love it!
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Ok, you will probably all think i am nuts, but i still find this whole "white Christmas" thing a little wierd, nice but strange.

For me Christmas has always meant 30oC temps, Bar-B-Q's, and sun dresses...I guess it was a bit strange us still listening to "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" and "Dashing though the snow..." he he he Where i grew up (in New Zealand) it snowed once every twenty years and everyone talked about it for the next twenty

I still find haivng snow a novelty, so it is a bitlike being a kid again

Chee & Breeze
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Okay guys....I think we need some pictures of Kylee, so we can all see how adorable she is!!!!

Come on, Sandie & us that adorable daughter!!
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I miss New England Christmas too. It's so pretty and I miss snow (haven't had a white Christmas is 10 years) and I think I miss the annual shopping trip to Boston. I used to really enjoy the subway ride to Downtown Crossing, the store window displays at Jordan's and Filene's, buying gifts for friends, getting a hot chocolate with whipped cream from the chocolate shop (I forget the name of it) and later a pumpkin ice cream from Fannie Farmer (another chocolate shop, but we never bought candy there). And Windsor Button Shop! Even if I didn't buy anything, just to see that wall of buttons and stand in the store and smell it. It's hard to explain, it had a distinct odor, a little musty but not meldewy, just full of promise that if you were looking for something and hadn't found it, they'd have it there. Then off to Harvard Square - that view of the Charles from the window of the red line! Out of Town News and the Coop and Barilari's books and even Crate & Barrel, which is kind of new. And that wonderful cosmetics store that is like an old fashioned apothecary! And that Andean band that plays on the corner! And . . . and . . . and . . . Gosh, I 'm terribly homesick now!
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LOL Debby, I think I have at some point in the past, but I will post her again. Christmas is so much fun with a lil' one in the house. Of course think she's the greatest thing since apple pie

This is Kylee last x mas with Babe the wonder dog
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This is Kylee just this past September..
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she is adorable! Thanks for posting those. She's got a radiant smile.
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Sandie & Ken, she is gorgeous!! What a precious little girl you have!!
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Oh, she's so cute!
Beautiful hair, wonderful smile, sparkling eyes...almost makes me want another one...almost.

What a happy little girl!
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Sandie your daughter's a real cutie-pie. Reminds me of my nieces who are all blonde (hehehe girls outnumber boys in this family). She's got a great smile and sweet personality too I'll bet. How old is she now? I had a student job as a teacher's assistant in a kindergarten for a while. I love that K-3 age range. They're such fun; so smart, and so honest!
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Thanks for all the compliments guys! She is really wonderful(most days lol). I think she is 20 living in a 7 year old body. She just started the 2nd grade this last Sept. This Christmas we are trying to get her some more chapter books. We lucked out and she really does love reading. We are getting her a Harry Potter book to see if she can read it and understand it.
Michelerad from the site got her the Barbie kitty cat so I guess that's one thing off our list..LOL.
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Thanks ya'll! She really is great child.... as far as looks.. well, luckily, she got those from Mommy....(she's the most beautiful woman in the world....)

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Oh my gosh, Kylee is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! No wonder you both are so proud of her!!!! And what a sweet thing to say Ken,

Quote by Ken...

Thanks ya'll! She really is great child.... as far as looks.. well, luckily, she got those from Mommy....(she's the most beautiful woman in the world....)


If I didn't love ya all so much, I might be envious.....adorable daughter, parents who truley love each other, and a cat loving household.

Not much more to ask for in this world, I'd say.

You guys are GREAT!
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Kylee is a great kid! Very well behaved. A little like Ken in the sense of humor department, um, which can really be scarey *grin*. Love that kid to death!!
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Ken & Sandie, your daughter is beautiful. Great smile.

I like this time of year because people seem friendlier and children are excited. In Florida, it is hard to imagine Christmas since we don't have snow. I don't like snow but it is pretty at Christmas.
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Okay, so the phone rings a little bit ago, and i'll be darned if it wasn't a boy who was in Kylee's class that moved to Hawaii, I mean it's bad enough that my 7 year old is getting called by a boy half way around the world, but what was worse the fact that her eyes just lit up when she realized who it was.. *sigh* Being a dad to a litle girl is gonna kill me...

Oh well, so here's the deal..

If it was either of my boys that it had happenned to, I would have been like "Alright, way to go son", so in keeping with the spirit of equality i will absolutely not treat her different..

Yeah right...

When pigs fly...

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LOL Ken! Just wait till she is 16, and you have boys knocking down your door to see her!
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this could get very interesting! :laughing2 :laughing2
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