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there are two diabetic cats at my local shelter that need homes

one is a young black female

the other is a four year old (apprx) gray and white male

they are both very sweet and loving cats

the male is on insulin shots (twice a day)

the female may be on oral meds right now, they don't say

if you know ANYONE who might be interested in adopting a sweet diabetic kitty, please contact the Manchester animal shelter for more info



ps, i have had two diabetic cats, and regret that i cant take either of these as my home is full now with three cats- landlord won't allow any more

diabetics are NOT difficult to treat, and if you need help with providing the diabetic supplies, i know a place you can apply to- so if money is the only thing holding you back
please contact me at
and i will put you in touch with an online cat charity